Embarrassingly bad. Why are we taking such desperate people here, they are buying a Czech goalkeeper in Finland


The 30-year-old native of Olomouc now headed to Hradec Králové, from where Henri Kiviaho went in the opposite direction to the SaiPa team. And Lukáš will probably want to forget about the Nordic mission as quickly as possible.

In their regular evaluation of the Finnish top competition for Ilta Sanomat newspaper, local commentators Teemu Suvinen and Sasha Huttunen gave it a fair shot.

“Why was such a shamefully bad player hired in Finland at all,” reads the title of the evaluation article.

“In short, everything is wrong here. Not much was really expected from the SaiPa team this season. But even a very low bar has fallen. The club has a limited budget and there was no room to splurge. This resulted in the hiring of Jan Lukáš, who played only eight matches, in which he averaged 4.5 goals per match,” analyzed Huttunen.

“Jan Lukáš is the worst goalkeeper who has recently come to the Finnish league from abroad. His arrival was strange, this Czech goalkeeper is not at first league level at all. Lukáš’s hesitation on one of the conceded goals against Jyväskylä was almost comical, as the visitors got the puck into the goal from a non-existent scoring position. Lukáš’s league story lasted only eight matches, in which he achieved a save percentage of 82.9 percent,” added Suvinen.

Both journalists similarly recently criticized the Czech national team defender Michal Jordán.

However, the club’s sports director Harri Aho also admitted his dissatisfaction with Lukáš. “Unfortunately for Jani, the expectations of the club and the player themselves were not fulfilled. We wish him success in his future career,” Aho said.

In Hradec Králové, Lukáš is probably waiting for the role of number two behind Patrik Bartošák.

“We discussed with Honza already before the season. Although it looked promising, he received an interesting offer from SaiPy, which he decided to take advantage of. As part of solving the current situation with Henri (Kiviah), we came up with the possibility of an exchange, which we finally realized in a few days with the management of SaiPy. I am glad that we managed to get Honza for the second time. He understands his role. I am also happy that we reduced the quota of foreigners by one place,” said general manager Aleš Kmoníček.

The article is in Czech

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