Tomek was interested in the village: Everything sat down. And Plekanec? A lot of us


Tomek should start in the center position against Vdsk on Thursday (7:00 p.m.).

I hope he will bring his form from the club to the national team. In the highest match of all time, he collected eight goals and those assists in sixty matches, and the champion added another six points (3+3) in the League.

He continued his efforts in Sparta, he quickly got used to the new environment. Maybe even faster, I can’t wait.

Why did you drink so well angam in Frjestad?
The whole organization works at a high level. Treni gave me a role that suits me. My teammates and the leadership team helped me a lot. When you have support from others, it will show in your performance. The beginning of the season went well for me and the darkness. (Frjestad leads the league by six points ahead of second place Vxj)

So you didn’t hesitate to sign the new contract?
I was actually surprised, but I was sweating profusely. I told the beast that there was no need for any grinding. I am satisfied here, he can learn a lot by going here. In order to make a name for yourself in the field, you have to have a little bit of tst. Everything went well in Frjestad, I take the offer as a reward.

David Tomek in action against Rgle.

I assume that the nomination for the national team made you sweat?
Yes! I take it as an encouragement. When the invitation comes, I always arrive. I know that the season is the peak of the domestic World Cup, but I don’t want to get too far ahead.

What role did coach Rulk play for you? Will you be one of the leaders in the national team?
We haven’t done it yet, but I’ll try to play the same as in the club. Come here to find me as soon as possible. I have enough quality games to write me.

The implementation team nominated five complete formations, which were used during the rescue. Tute, when will you be here?
We talked about it up until now, I had to go and change something. Several factors must come into play, perhaps some injury. I have the League champion right away on Tuesday, but I’ll take care of myself. It’s only in training.

What has happened since the fourth salvation?
From us there are about 5 hr. Have a very good flow. They will play aggressively, control the ball and control the pace. Oekvm balanced and nron save, we have to match them in pace. It’s going to be a lot of trouble and if it’s set up correctly, we have to go and polish the system that the new friction has ordered.

esk tonk David Tomek in a Frjestad jersey.

I advise Rulk kal, that due to the style of the game, he is obliged to play gradually.
And it’s the only time. Not that it was about anything completely new, a whole group of us broke through some darkness and tried different systems. The coach wants to give it the right, in preparation we will try to go through everything gradually. The faster we get used to it, the better.

And how do you feel about the presence of the new assistant Tom Plekanec, who has already practiced the face-off with you?
He has a respectable career behind him, he is one of the legends of ice hockey. It was too far to go up against him. It’s too dark to work together! We have a lot to learn.

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