After the last meeting, he was trampled and faced a recall. Now Silhavy reports: I’m full of energy!


After the October meeting, he was on the pillory. The national team failed in Albania, then at home they narrowly beat an outsider from the Faroe Islands with their ears scratched. In the end, Šilhavy resisted the FAČR Executive Committee’s vote on the appeal, but his contract was shortened until the end of the qualification with the addition of a bilateral option to extend it.

How did you perceive the events after the last meeting?

My thoughts are connected with the upcoming reunion. I’m only thinking about advancing to the Euros. I don’t do anything else.

However, in the original contract you had a unilateral option to extend in case of progress. It is now double sided. Aren’t you worried that the Euro won’t apply to you even in the event of a promotion?

It remains to be seen what will happen after the qualification. I don’t want to remember what happened. I am now fully focused on the upcoming meeting. My colleagues from the implementation team and I will have the same effect on the team so that it is prepared for the matches in Poland and with Moldova right from the first day of the meeting.

You looked broken after the duel with the Faroe Islands. Have you had time to rest since then?

The pressure was great, of course. Now I’m full of energy, I’m ready to take the last step with the team.

Even the team did not look confident against the Faroe Islands…

I believe that the team will also be in the right mood from the beginning of the meeting. We communicate with the boys. They know what we all want.

The coach had support from the cabin. Tomáš Souček didn’t give the penalty for me, but for the team, emphasizes Jaroslav ŠilhavýVideo:

But you will go into the match without goalkeeper Jiří Pavlenka. Is it a big letdown?

We have to take this into account and arrange things differently. Jirka was number one, but unfortunately he got injured. It’s annoying, but I believe we can manage. Jindra Staněk is an experienced goalkeeper who has already completed several matches with us. Aleš Mandous also proves that he is of good quality in Slavia. And young Matěj Kovář is a talent who will make himself known more in the future.

Plzeňský Staněk returned between the sticks after a long time, he had a break due to repeated concussions. After Sunday’s game at Slavia, was there any communication between you and Viktoria regarding his state of health? And how close was the nomination of Václav Hladký, who regularly catches the second English league in Ipswich?

Our goalkeeper coach Milan Veselý communicates with the representatives of Pilsen and Jindra. He caught the game at Slavia just fine, that’s why we called him up. And how far was Hladký nominated? Maybe if Staněk was marod, as it was assumed, Hladký would probably be in it.

You can take the last step towards promotion next Friday in Poland, which is not doing well. Do you believe that you will celebrate with the team after the match in Warsaw?

Poland has great players, an excellent team. However, it has its problems. However, the stadium will be full, the match will not be easy at all. As I said, we will be determined, ready. According to the result from Poland, we will then prepare for the Moldavians.

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