Andlov: Brno is a sweetheart, maybe they’ll invite me. The Euroleague was a real dream

Andlov: Brno is a sweetheart, maybe they’ll invite me. The Euroleague was a real dream
Andlov: Brno is a sweetheart, maybe they’ll invite me. The Euroleague was a real dream

The first one for her and her teammates on Thursday on the deck of his new home. they will challenge the ambition of the Germans in it, on Sunday they will go to the Czech Republic. Thanks to the co-sponsorship, they have a certain chance at the European Championship in 2025. Brno will be one of the cities where Europe’s best teams played.

Your sweetheart, right?
Song like kte, I played there. Too much for it tm. Most of all, I hope that I will go to represent this time and they will invite Mr (trainer Romana) Ptkov once traveled the path of young players, but I think that I could make it in two years. (smile)

Will it be safe to play at the ampiont soon?
We shouldn’t rely on this fact at all, as it is known that he has lost his teeth, which will surely be missing. Our game will probably be different than at EuroBasket, which was a few months ago, we will have to fight with that. The first match against Germany will make a lot of noise. They want to prepare and be together for the qualification for the Olympics, say the Sabally sisters, what will it be like for the girls.

The dream of Olympic qualification ended due to the first run with the Nmka at EuroBasket.
I don’t care about it, but when I was writing with someone, for example, about transferring to USK, we talked about our end. Someone always reminds me of the ampion, but somehow, it happened, probably it should have been that way, but it was done in the cold.

Czech representative Andlov is trying to pass the German heat in qualifying for the Olympics.

Do you know what to do?
We won the EuroBasket with them, but we have a different team, there are young girls in it who have no experience with senior reps at all. So even in the Czech Republic we have a chance to save, we will try to give it our best. The pivot Fasulaov fell out of the soup, so they will be a little weakened in the underfoot ground, but they have quality and small balls. For us it will be just experience.

What are your first impressions of the dark?
Half of the girls are from EuroBasket and they are young. They, on the other hand, know each other, so I think that nobody feels bad here, the atmosphere is good.

What about transferring to USK Prague?
For now, I think it was a good step in my career, he doesn’t have to worry about anything. Even the minutes are not bad at all, and the main thing is Trninko’s process, with which I am maximally satisfied.

Come on, Gabe
The new member of @zvvzuskpraha for the upcoming session is Czech representative Gabriela Andlov. After a year of experience in the field, the twenty-seven-year-old player returns to the court to wear the champion’s jersey.
Basketball grew up in Hradec Krlov, where she played in the youth category and where she first got a peek among the women. In 2016, she transferred to the current KP Tana Brno, where she won the league title and played her first European club match. In 2021, she decided to compete abroad, when she first fell in love with the German club Saarlouis and a year later went to Slovakia to @piestanske_cajky, where she celebrated the win of the Slovak competition. Gabriela was a regular part of the youth national team and is currently a stable member of the senior national team. euroleaguewomen czbasketball chancezbl zvvzuskpraha

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That’s how it goes with the Euroleague.
I never thought in my life that I would be able to warm it one day. It’s even better if you’re really him. Those fabrics are definitely something else, with a lot of pressure. Although I’m not the same player, the feeling that I’m really playing the Euroleague game, especially the European tournament, is real. But I’m very happy about it.

Did you drink with your friends?
Yes! I have a great team, I think there is good chemistry between them, no one is angry or angry. We hold together.

Which one of them is your biggest role model?
Definitely Maite Cazorlaov. It is one of the best warm-ups in Europe, you can see that Poland is full of other bikes, they are on that track otherwise not here. We can learn from him what to learn. Teja Oblakov is also great, but she has been injured for a while.

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