Not possible! What incredible PPV sales Clash of the Stars is said to have

Not possible! What incredible PPV sales Clash of the Stars is said to have
Not possible! What incredible PPV sales Clash of the Stars is said to have

The Clash of the Stars organization works purely on the PPV model, which means that if you want to watch the tournament, you have to buy the broadcast. Alternatively, you can try to find some pirated stream, but the management has been fighting against them intensively since the first events, because then of course they lose income. Even then, of course, there will be ways, but even so, the Clash obviously can’t complain about PPV sales at all.

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“It’s the saddest story I’ve had in my fighting career because the amount of PPV they sold at the last event…” said IAF promoter Petr Ondruš in an interview with Tomáš Řepka.

“That’s about five thousand people, isn’t it? Four? Three?” estimated the former football player and famous troublemaker.

However, Ondruš quickly disabused him, “300,000 views. No one has 300,000, even when Sparta plays Slavia. There are about 250,000-300,000 people on O2 TV. 300,000 paid transmissions is 90,000,000 crowns. And there were allegedly 700,000 illegal streams.

A tenth of the nation wants to see it? Two Lilliputians, how do they fight? Okay, but don’t let it be MMA. Let it be a war of two Lilliputians. Or two on two girls, which after all is something I liked there. Girls 2 vs 2 and showed their breasts. However, they were really fighting. It looked like it could be washed. At least it was watchable for a guy, but that’s about it.’

Of course, the promoter Tomáš Le Sy has not yet revealed the exact numbers around the PPV, but when he already hinted at something, he mentioned tens of thousands of broadcasts. It is therefore a question of how good the information Píno has, but it is clear that Clash is enjoying more and more popularity and if the Le Sy vs Bejr duel really turns out, records could be rewritten.

For the right price, even Karlos Vémola would easily go to Clash of the Stars

“I’ve said it several times already. If they give me a million for each Kotlar and there will be at least eight of them, then there is nothing to worry about. If Clash of the Stars gives me eight million, I’ll go with anyone, anywhere, anytime, and I’ll arrange it with Ondra Novotný as well. MMA pros who say they would never go to Clash, even for 8 million, are bullshitting. All wrestlers would go for that money. That’s how Baba Jaga got away, and I think for less than eight million. Give me eight Boilermakers, a million each, and I’ll go one after the other.

Petr Kníže said that he would never go to Clash, that it was shit. So I asked him what he would do if they gave him four million and turned right away. This is how it affects fighters. Don’t forget that we’ve been doing this for free almost all of our lives.

We fought in the underground and garages for a few crowns, so if someone shows us the real money that football and hockey players have on a daily basis, we will definitely go. Anyone who says no is bullshitting and would easily go twice and for half. However, I set the price.

However, I fear that Clash is slowly moving towards that. They are getting bigger and bigger. I dread the day Le Sy calls and says he has eight million. I will be 55 years old like Cvern, I will come out of retirement and go to fight against the Kotlar clan. So we’ll see how long it takes.” Vémola spoke as part of his live broadcast.

So the price tag is clearly set. However, it is questionable whether the Terminator would not make concessions after the end of his career. If Clash could get an interesting opponent and not just a simple freak, then it could be interesting even for lower millions.

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