Fists, spilled beer and falling into the woods. Football players also took part in the Battle of Nisa


/VIDEO/ In the last autumn round of Liberec III. class south offered one of the matches a shameful spectacle. In the match between the home team Stráží nad Nisou and the visiting team Chotyn, a fight broke out between the fans shortly after the hour of play, in which the players also got involved, and it all resulted in four red cards. Both clubs deny blame and say the problem was on the other side.

In III. in the south class, in the home match between Stráž nad Nisou and Chotyní, the players and the fans fought.

| Video: Jaroslav Opatrný

“One fan of Chotyn, who was in an inebriated state, started fights. First on one side, then he moved to the other sideline, where he began to push with the boundary judge and the home crowd. I sent the organizing service there to intervene. In the meantime, he went to the other side, where he started another fight, and before the organizing service ran over there, there was a fight,” describes the whole situation, Jaroslav Řízek, chief organizer from Stráž.

The reason for the riot may have been the first red card of the match in the 58th minute, given to a visiting player for inappropriate remarks. “The match was refereed by the experienced referee Michal Čurda, who does not let himself be talked into it. One of the visiting players tried to do so and received a red card, which the aforementioned fan Chotyn did not like and ran onto the field. The organizing service took him away, but he continued the fights. Subsequently, it ground down and he disappeared. The referee handed out red cards and the match ended normally,” he continued, commenting on how he saw the whole situation.

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The head referee did not want to comment on the match and referred to the Minutes of the match. In it, the following is written for the first red card: “Red card during the match, Second warning during the match, 1ŽK (yellow card, editor’s note) NCH (unsportsmanlike conduct) – thwarting the promising action of the opponent by body slamming into the opponent, in the fight for the ball in an uninterrupted the game. 2ŽK (yellow card) – ČK (red card) expression of dissatisfaction and protest with words – so what, it was a foul, so whistle it. After the CK (red card) was awarded, he left the HP (playing field) in peace.”

Match for attacking the player’s family

However, according to the TJ Sokol Chotyně club, the person of the head referee was the main problem why the fight ended. “I would like to comment mainly on the performance of the head referee, Mr. Čurda, who was definitely not impartial and lacked a feeling for the game. I found his decision and giving of yellow and red cards quite insensitive to the game. Mr. Čurda lacks a sense of football and thus spoils the game that we all love. The referee has the biggest share in the whole situation, he didn’t behave in a standard way,” counters Vít Kolínský, a guest player and at the same time the son of the team leader, who takes care of the club’s administration.

“Of course, this does not excuse the behavior of our players,” he admitted in one breath that the behavior of his teammates was definitely out of line.

Source: Jaroslav Opatrný

According to Kolínský, it is not true that everything was provoked by their drunken fan. “On the home side, there were four fans in a drunken state who attacked our fan, poured beer on him and punched him. Such behavior definitely does not belong in football. The home side may be defending itself with its statements, because the organizing service only watched everything from the stand and was not able to prevent the conflict,” thinks player Chotyně.

But why did the players also join the fight? “It was because they were defending their parents and they didn’t want to be liked. The whole event lasted a maximum of two minutes. It didn’t come from what was happening on the field, but off it,” Řízek noticed. “But I still didn’t understand why they got involved. In addition, one of the guests flew into the fray with an outstretched fist. The fans should sort it out among themselves,” the main organizer shook his head.

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Attacking the parents is probably the only thing that both sides can agree on in this situation. “The father of one of the players, specifically Matěj Marek, was attacked, who saw it from the field and went to defend his father. It’s unfortunate. On the one hand, I understand that he went to stand up for his dad, but on the other hand, it doesn’t belong in football. I think that if it wasn’t a close person, he wouldn’t have interfered and the game would have continued,” thought Kolínský.

The decision of the head referee to continue the match after the whole situation may have surprised some. “It was unfortunate. I would definitely prefer the match to be over. I immediately asked the referee about it, but it continued. I hope this person never whistles at us again. For me, he is not a referee, but a person who has no idea what football should look like,” concluded the Chotyně player.

Just for the record, the home team Stráž turned the game around and won 5:3. It ended 1:3 on red cards. The whole matter will, of course, have an impact at the Disciplinary Commission, which should meet this week, and we will monitor what punishments will be imposed.

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