Captain, what the hell. But there are mistakes. I’m tired, in Karlovy Vary

Captain, what the hell. But there are mistakes. I’m tired, in Karlovy Vary
Captain, what the hell. But there are mistakes. I’m tired, in Karlovy Vary

I’m silent, I went to take a break because you can see that he needs to switch off from hockey. But beware, a negative mood must be built in the dark. Karlovy Vary is on the est. According to me, we are a little over full, the driver of your cabin smiles. During the national team tournament, Energy rests, relaxes and wants to suffer the favorites of the extra league for a long time. But also to stick up the house rescues, in which it is seen. I can sit in the middle or be the one who has to create, and I can rely on breaks, five nice forwards.

Did you feel much relief after scalping Boleslav?
A huge loss. Before the break, we had those saves in which we should and wanted to score. Olomouc, Plzeň and Bolka. We took pt point. That bonus point is part of the znt. We have seen that there is a long break without a save and it is always better to win the last save before the break. The stick is thorny, peppery.

He didn’t look like a soup last night, did he?
Hats off to Boleslav. No matter where you are, they played great hockey. People don’t realize that. Think we should ride them. But they played well and I think it’s time for Bolka to break it and go up. Not a light soup.

You have points, but the last week of play was not optimal.
We lost two points with Olomouc, which we regretted a lot. In Pilsen, we got a goal minutes before the end, which you can count, if it was or wasn’t. We lost some points, but we had two wins. The game is evenly matched, and everyone wins, no matter if it’s for two points or those points.

Did you take a break?
I have to say, personally, I was very upset. I’m a good polman, I have some holes that need to be watered. I got a lot of that puck in me in the last week. (smv) In addition, there are times when I can’t get enough. I’m rd for as when to turn his head off from hockey, bt with his family.

How much of an unrecognized goal in extra time against Boleslav?
It was a party for me. I gave gl, rejoiced. I’ll look at the decision. I drank at a party where guys eat: gl. Joy, it fell from m. Boom, call, no gl. I have to say that if we lost, I would be very upset. But we took a long time to get back together.

Karlovy Vary captain Ji ernoch.

How about a blanket? Sr vs personal balance?
I take it for granted that I suffer. It’s nothing fancy, I haven’t put it in curry yet. But I try to do other things to help the darkness as much as possible. Throw-in, block steel. I know that in one turn, one eye will break. And I will take my points, which I normally take.

How do you have gloomy thoughts?
I have two children at home who help me a lot. I will come home from the winter, where you wait for me and this side will help me. I completely switch off from hockey. The crisis of hockey. But I know that when I do the little things I’m good at, I’ll break the black streak and I’ll be good again.

Tit vs me and dark position in the table.
For me, we are over full. These rescues were good, we beat my aunt several times. When I see how much we will block Mme’s stele in the Frodo gate (Frodl gate), which is unreal. I think you will be satisfied. Of course, we regret the points we missed. How many cards wasted. We have to work on those losses, but overall we are playing well. Nae belligerence is lost to me.

does it mean that you can win against Sparta and then blow up with Kladno?
Nae bolstka. We will make a win at Sparta, where our points will not be counted. A day later, Kladno and I will bang at home. It happened to us yesterday. In Liberec, the boys beat you to ten tons, they were really angry. Then we drink dom and fall. Then we’ll flush the mess down the hall. Big wheel we have to work on. When will we score a few points and then not continue with the seeding that won us the previous game.

Can I sit in the sky with darkness that slows down the pace?
Probably yes. It suits us when we go somewhere and we are not expected to score points. At home, we can play hockey and practice a style that does not lead to points. But I mean, we have a lot to lose. There are enough of them for two points. I know, maybe my points are missing somewhere, but below are the wins.

Are you also sorry for the fans, of whom there are a lot going this year, that they are suffering at home?
We are glad that good people are going. Of course, there is a difference when two or three thousand people walk. We would like to save the house. Unfortunately, we have the same situation as last year, when we won the fifth place outside. I know that we will turn this balance around and win at home. Every win is owed to the people who go and they send it to themselves as a reward for their support.

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