Get a kiss from Jirka? To vomit, to Prochzkv trninkov’s partner


Was there an LP in the works this year, or not before the past battles?
Otherwise. Considering that the rescue eventually took two months, which was not expected, we had to stick to it all the more intensively. The preparation was switched mainly to sparring (Trninkov saves), where I tried to imitate Pereira’s style as much as possible. Jirka has been working very hard for the last month. We were together for a week and a half.

How such a sparring probh?
Considering that Jirka is going to fight for the title, we rolled five rounds for five minutes at a time, as if it was a real fight. We only had a team trainer and people around us who corrected our sparring. First, we received information on what to glue and what to glue. After the sparring session, we sat down and disassembled everything, we also watched the video.

Hostradice will cheer together

This time, not at a football match as in previous cases, but in the hall of the cultural house in Hostradice in Znojmo, fans of Jih Prochzka will gather together to watch the recovery of their famous native. The start of Prochzek’s duel with Alex Pereira is scheduled for Sunday at four o’clock in the morning, the cultural center will open in two o’clock.

Last year, Prochzka improved in wrestling or wrestling on the ground with master of the arts Henry Cejudo in America. He stopped Cejudo’s training, fixed his core, explained tactics. Is it the same with you?
Cejudo was an Olympic champion, and his lessons were for Jirka a hard work for wrestling. He matched me with a sharp pace and fighting stance to simulate Pereira. With Pereira, who is not a day wrestler, the rematch should take place in an attitude that was also my own during my career.

Did Prochzka have other sparring partners?
Samuel Karas from trainer Jarda Hovzek’s gym went with him. He also wrestled with Jirka.

Was it a challenge for you to learn to fight like Pereira and then fight it out with Prochzka?
I enjoyed it. It was also the only round, so I studied Pereira. His dangerous hk and the so-called calf kick, I had that during my career as well. Otherwise, I was a good tactical survivor. I had to convince myself that I could do things like Pereira, and even at the cost of getting a damn day, I had to go forward and push like Jirka did in New York.

Jan Gottvald (right) and Ji Prochzka.

How many Prochzka soups have you tried to imitate like this?
There were five of them. It’s a lot of work. I’ll get whatever the trainer wants from me, I’ll try to attack the girls, catch them and put them in the cage. I wonder what happened to the preparation for the last fight with Glover Teixeira. I like wrestling in general. Pereira was probably the best for me, I like his style and it’s not that complicated.

Will you also get in such a shape during the preparation that you would be able to enter the rescue?
Considering that I also share another survivor from Brno, Tom Hron, I dare to say yes. I respect myself for a long time. I ended my career this year, but I’m fighting back. When I don’t have pressure on myself and I care for myself, and that’s why I enjoy it, it’s a joy.

When sparring with Prochzka, do you have guardrails so you don’t injure yourself?
You set limits with Jirka, he’s a tough guy. Sparring intensity is set by friction, sometimes it goes to 60 percent, and priority is given to quality and quantity, so that the movements are as precise as possible. Other times, it’s just about hardness and intensities. Too bad about the way it’s being prepared.

Was he from Prochzka?
It’s not easy to say. (laughs) Jirka has a lot of hard punches, which is one of the factors that will decide with Pereira. Pereira is a high-quality fighter, good technically, but he has never met Jirka with the toughness that Jirka brings out on him. I know that will be the deciding factor.

How many of your sparring horses before the limit?
We’ll finish those five rounds in the middle of the day. It happened to me that I got such a disgusting wound on the bottom that I almost threw up, but a hunter must go far, not to worry.

Jan Gottwald

Do you have to get hit on purpose so that the main actor of the thorn can practice his final punch?
Let’s not fight. I’ve had a few wheels from the trainer, and even though it hurt, I’m glad that Jirko is training him.

As always before his salvation, it is dark that he does not cover his face much, that he does not keep his hands down. Is it easy to hit the Walk through it?
It’s far t잚, not the lunge. (smiles) Jirka has excellent movement, he is unpredictable on the side, what is due. When the soup doesn’t reach you, I have a lot of trouble with you. Jirka doke soupee nalkat and then dry him.

In this, they are similar to Pereira, neither of them is covered in any kind of dust.
With Pereira, it has to do with how confident he is in his stance. I don’t think he’s ever worn a broken coat.

Did you meet this experience on Pereira’s weekend?
Even if the possibility of where to save me is good, know that Jirka will win before the limit.

Are you taking a walk to Madison Square Garden, experiencing its atmosphere since the beginning of the week as a guest at NBA and NHL games?
I think he’s set up for a fight. There was no difference in which hall or in which environment the rescue took place.

In an interview with MF DNES, he admitted that he became lonely and focused only on himself. Do you agree with that?
If a hunter wants to be the best, he has to focus on himself. This is very difficult to combine with partner life. I didn’t ask if I had anyone, we mainly talked about the thorn. Before the rescue, no two people are the same.

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