Guys, fight, we won’t give in to that pork, to coach Luks from Ostrava

Guys, fight, we won’t give in to that pork, to coach Luks from Ostrava
Guys, fight, we won’t give in to that pork, to coach Luks from Ostrava

So far, they have played against Kladno, Lvy Praha, Odolena Voda and Esk Budjovice, with teams from the upper half of the extra league.

Los is nron, so it is. We play, we know, but don’t make it so we win. But we have to think about our achievements, not about the draw, declared Ostrava coach Dariusz Luks, who played from the Polish champion club Jastrzebskiego Wegla, where he was the coordinator of the Talent Academy.

It’s hard to get a hold of a pike from the extra league, but every performance like the one against Czech Budjovici gives us confidence, said Ostrava libero Jakub Motyka.

At the weekend, Ostrava defied Czech Budjovici, their starting line-up and the libero consisted of foreigners, but they lost 1:3. Ostrava had three players from abroad, but only young players, who are not nearly as experienced as those from the Czech Republic.

We didn’t get beaten, it was a good volleyball and we are red even for a set. At least the first point of the season is just below him, said Motyka. Vkon is encouraged, but it’s another loss, coach Luks lamented. We have to work long, hard and fight for the girls, for the whole club. And so make sure that the players have bare heads.

And that’s not easy, because Ostrava’s volleyball team won only 28 matches in the extra league in the match last year.

some of those losses are understandable, but in sports you can’t take them for granted. You have to learn from mistakes and go all out in every match, said Jakub Motyka.

The boys are fighting, we will not give up on that, but somewhere there is the fact that we have lost again, pointed out Dariusz Luks, who knows that the team will pick up and kick in the first half.

But in order to succeed, Ostrava will have to make a lot of mistakes.

We play evenly, only then we make mistakes, and with such a good team as Budjovice, that’s a good sign, said Kou.

And you also have to be confident on the floor, the first two sets with Czech Budjovice had problems with him. And then they hit the service and especially the Ukrainian midfielder Tymur Cmokalo made their opponents sweat.

Yes, we have problems with the subject, we talk about it with the boys, but it is an individual matter, said Dariusz Luks.

We glued a lot of the flow from the high balloons, so we had a lot of sweat. And we have to work on that service as well, spoil me, confirmed Jakub Motyka. He added that the meeting also met with nervousness. But it gradually declines.

So it is understood, even this year, the game and the results of the team could be better?

Yeah, it’s obvious. The first two games were slow from both sides, but we showed in Odolce and Budjovice that we are getting better, answered Motyka, who went to Ostrava about halfway through the season from Black Volley Beskydy. The coach wants us, since we are a young team, to keep our concentration all the way back, so that we don’t collapse from some unsuccessful balls.

Exceeding the salvation of the Ostrava team

Together with blocker Jakub Dvok, Motyka is the most experienced of the Ostrava volleyball players, as both are 26 years old.

What’s in it for him?

We have to keep calm because these young guys are both hot headed. Sometimes we have to calm them down a bit. And the main thing is to encourage them. In Saturday’s 5th round, Ostrava will play against Labem, which is currently second to last with one point.

This is a soup from the second half of the table, so we could take it, hopefully Jakub Motyka. We have some further mountains to go to Vnoc at home (Beskydy, Bentky nad Jizerou and Zln note editor), which are also not far ahead of us. We have to focus on those rescues. But we have to go up gradually.

Ostrava have a day off in the 13th round of the quarter-finals, but they can always go to the new hall in Ostrava-Tebovice, where Black Volley Beskydy will host over Elbe from 17.00.

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