Fans will pay thousands to meet an influencer –

Fans will pay thousands to meet an influencer –
Fans will pay thousands to meet an influencer –

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Influencer Lela Ceterová (34) 360,000 people follow her on Instagram, which Karlos Vémola’s wife decided to use in her own way and make the most of her popularity. She launched a new project called Lela Brunch. She will offer her devoted fans a personal meeting for 5 thousand crowns, as she informed on Instagram.

Wife MMA wrestler Karlos Vémola (38) Lela Ceterová is an enterprising woman. After several projects, she decided to start another one. Her name is Lela Brunch, and as part of this event, the eccentric blonde will offer her fans a personal meeting for 4,999 crowns.

She reported on Lela Brunch on social networks. “You can look forward to amazing food and drinks throughout your time with me. And not only that. You will finally have the opportunity to get to know me without inhibitions. However, you yourself will conclude that I am like you. You can look forward to an amazing program in which you will get to know me as a person,” she wrote along with the short video. “When someone likes a singer, they go to a concert, when they like an actor, they go to a show. If someone likes me, they can come to me now,” Lela Ceterová explained to Bleska.

Karlos also offered himself

But Lela is not the only one in the family trying to cash in on her fame. In December 2020, Karlos Vémola offered a tour of their family zoo in Vémoland for 10,000 crowns. Back then, most fans laughed at him for it.

According to, he also offered personal training at the time. For a sixty-minute training, the interested party had to pay 4499 crowns, for two it was 6999 crowns. “For this amount, it’s pathetic, in 60 minutes you’ll just warm up and warm up a bit,” said one of the angry discussants on social networks at the time.

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