GLOSA: A mountain outside Dynamo’s A-team? Amateurism

GLOSA: A mountain outside Dynamo’s A-team? Amateurism
GLOSA: A mountain outside Dynamo’s A-team? Amateurism

Speculations that management made their move based on Horus’ performance and his poor relations in the cabin are rather funny. The experienced midfielder is the team’s top scorer with three goals and, with forward Ondrášek, Dynamo’s most productive player. And it is highly improbable that he would let his mouth go for a walk and violate the contract at the age of 32, when he has the last years of his career left on a super-standard contract.

It is possible that from the position of the greaser he had his say in the evaluations of the matches in the cabin, but that is how the football dressing room works. It’s up to the coaches to be able to keep discussions under control. So what is really behind the fact that Hora v Dynamo ended? Couldn’t it be, for example, the amount of his contract, which has become unbearable for the club’s coffers?

There are rumors in football circles about the automatic extension of Hor’s contract under the same financial conditions for another season if he plays a certain number of matches… Is it possible that if we knew the content of the contract, something would become clear?

If this scenario were true, the management’s move would make sense. At the same time, however, it would cast an even worse view on management. After all, the contract was concluded by both parties completely freely. And the fact that during its duration the club suddenly stops liking the player may not be of interest at all.

Negotiations between the two parties are to take place in the second half of this week. It can be assumed that they will eventually reach an agreement on a financial settlement. However, in a club where professionalism reigns, something like this would not happen.

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