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Pardubice, a club from the Finnish league surprisingly far ahead, released the same poet, i.e. they, for the first national team action of the season.

For Ilves in the league and Liga, the champion scored seven goals, he scored two – goals from Patrik Hamrla and Ondej Bizo – in the match. And those of them managed to get an invitation to the national darkness.

They are forward Petr Kodtek, defenseman Dominik Man and goalkeeper Jakub Mlek.

It’s shit. I will try to play the tournament as well as possible, Man is clear. I think both will send nominations to each other and I’m glad we’re here together, added Kodtek.

Although allowed from the Finnish league, they managed to play seven Czech games and after extraization, the delegation from Ilves is the most represented team.

Moreover, it is not a game that would be nominated only for sweat. They can play the same role, stepping in for immediate rescue.

Kodtek went to the national team as the best player in the Finnish national team. In 21 matches, he scored twelve goals. Nalpnuto had a better shot, but in the last few duels he didn’t make it.

That’s why he was surprised when, in an interview with the newspaper after Monday’s training session, he talked about the complex acclimatization. I mean a whole new environment, not hockey. It will take some time, but you will find out where to go to buy you. Besides, we have all the advice in fintin, I have a little problem with that. Guys, take care of us, but mastering English and understanding what you want from me was probably the most difficult for me, he admitted.

Petar Kodtek is now in a new role.

On the other hand, he can be seen on the ice, even a dog with physical parameters (168 centimeters, 70 kilograms) is able to assert himself in the tight spaces around the goal. It is a full-court split in front of n, on the face of the goal, or in the slot two meters in front of the goal. I am fast in small arcs and I try to be in the space where the bullets fall, he described his effectiveness.

I still want to keep my feet on the ground. I need to get used to the style of hockey, which is different than in the extra league. He added that sometimes he was a pilot pilot and he didn’t have much fun with them.

The league suits him, he quickly got used to the new environment thanks to his compatriots. In addition to called and expected goals, the Ilves jersey regularly features imon Strnsk, with whom Kodtek regularly starts.

Kou Antti Pennanen na Kodtko sz pi energivokke sze weak, his particularity is so me as well as the trainer of the national team Radim Rulk.

In the national team, Kodtek played 28 games, half of which was on the account of defender Man.

So he has enough space in the club. Pestoe sleeps for a defensive defender, to a great extent in weakened areas and when on reinforcements. Navc is the team’s most productive back with eight points in seven games.

Ever since Dominik joined them, they have been among the best defenders. We know exactly what we will get from him. He is very patient, aggressive and combative, until he has a positive influence on the game whenever he is on the ice, said sports editor Timo Koskela when he signed a new contract with Man in July.

Dominik Man in the jersey of Ilves warm-up in the Finnish league.

I’ve always played a lot, now I can. My colleague and I play defense for a long time, it depends on that. Here in the national team there are some of the best, so I will be happy for any role. I’m glad he’s here, he said modestly.

In the case of the power crisis, Man will grind me to the ground even at the home stadium in May. And the willingness to buy any representative of the event during the season will be appreciated by Rulk.

The nomination of Kodtka and Mano was not surprising, but with the goal, yes. In addition to Dominik Pavlt from Plzeň, he also bet on Mlko, who is two and a half years old, but will make his representative debut in Karjale.

2nd place

Ilvesu is currently 2nd in the Finnish league table. Not only the city rival Tappara is above him.

So far, he has scored in the national team only in the juniors, but after leaving Vsetna, he is slowly becoming one of the top goal scorers in the Finnish league. Jonas Gunnarsson is fighting for the number one spot, among the goalkeepers who caught at least ten passes, there is a total of eight in the process.

This year he got a stronger position and his grip is excellent, I play in front of him for a long time. I hope he will continue to do so, said the Czech goalkeeper Man.

Cuba is specifically in my head, I both have moods that he probably would prefer not to have either. When he does not succeed in a rescue, he is very emotional and the next day he is still angry. I told him that if he doesn’t catch it the next day, it’s not the end of the world. In this he needs to adjust his head a bit, but otherwise he is on the right track and has a huge potential to go far, thanks Kodtek.

Jakub Mlek on the first thorn of the national team in Karija, he will also have a wrestling premiere in Karjale.

Maybe even at first because of the bad timing of the invitation to the national team, only twenty-one-year-old Mlek didn’t say anything. The weeks before the camp, goalie coach Ondra Pavelec called me, and I wasn’t expecting anything, that there was a possibility that I could go. The phone surprised me a lot. I have to say that I didn’t mess with it, but I liked it a lot.

All of them will play against the Finns on Saturday and Sunday, and tomorrow they will play in their home Nokia Arena, where Ilves first sat.

And you won’t be surprised if any of them catches your eye with their actions. In the Finnish Ilves, this representation is growing in an unusually numerous and high-quality Czech enclave.

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