Footballer Martin Fenin annoys the neighbors with his behavior

Footballer Martin Fenin annoys the neighbors with his behavior
Footballer Martin Fenin annoys the neighbors with his behavior

Martin Fenin, the former striker of Frankfurt, Slavia and Teplice, is known to be no stranger to alcohol and exuberant parties. Although his condition seemed to have improved over the past few years, new information suggests otherwise.

The daily Blesk caught Fenin getting out of the car in front of his house with liters of alcohol in his hand. But an even bigger surprise awaited them in the hallway of the apartment building where the former football player lives. A message was pinned to the local bulletin board warning Fenin’s neighbors that if he disturbs the night again, the police will be called. “Fenin, if you’re bleating in the garage, clean up after yourself!” reads the letter.

“Fenin is often drunk, he even lay in front of the house a few times. Sometimes he sleeps in his black Mercedes in the common garages,” neighbors described coexistence with the former soccer star to Bleska, according to whom vomit and feces appear near Fenin’s car.

In addition to the garage, Fenin allegedly also left behind a dirty elevator and other common areas. “There are, for example, shards from smashed bottles lying there. And there are also strange people wandering in the house whom he lets in,” say the neighbors, according to whom Fenin’s apartment hears blunt blows, which are caused either by kicking or by drunken falls to the ground. “Hopefully it won’t end in some tragedy,” they add.

The editors of Blesk tried to confront the former footballer, but he did not respond to repeated phone calls.

September 8, 2023 6:00 AM

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He plays football for Sparta and takes care of his young son. I spend time for myself on the playground, says Petra Vyštejnová

Thirty-six-year-old Fenin ended his football career in 2018 in Varnsdorf. He played in the Czech top flight for the first time in the 2003/2004 season. He played 16 matches for the national team and scored three goals. Outside the Czech Republic, he worked at club level in Germany and France.

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