Czechs are a laughing stock in Slovakia. The ostrich came to the football, the mayor pacified


There is no shortage of bizarre moments in lower football competitions. This also applies in Slovakia. There, during one match of the “forest” league, there was an unexpected invasion of the field – an ostrich, or more precisely, an emu, started walking among the players. It is also interesting that the incident with the exotic bird took place in a village with the picturesque name of Bohemia.

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While a run-in dog tends to be on village playgrounds seen quite often, the ostrich is an animal that is not exactly common in central Europe. Especially on the football field. That is why the event in one of Slovakia’s lowest competitions attracted so much attention from our neighbors.

The match between FK Čechy and FK Rastislavice in the Nové Zámky district of southern Slovakia was interrupted when an exotic guest ran onto the pitch. Allegedly, it was not an ostrich, but an emu, a massive feathered animal native to Australia. He was clearly comfortable among the players in colorful jerseys.

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“Opposite the playground, we have a small farm whose owner also keeps ostriches. He is a social creature who apparently longed for human companionship. He saw a greater concentration of people, so he came,” Jozef Baranovič, mayor of Čechy, told

He liked football, he didn’t pay the entrance fee

The video recording of the whole situation immediately became a hit on social networks. It shows some players and officials trying to persuade the unexpected intruder to leave the playing area, while the spectators in attendance amusedly demand that the ostrich be given a jersey and join the match. In short, lower competitions offer a number of bizarre moments.

See how the emu bird came to football:

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“It’s a shame you forgot your football boots because we lost 1-3. If he had them, maybe we would have won,” laughed Baranović. The fact is, thanks to its running abilities, the emu would excel – it can reach speeds of up to 50 kilometers per hour.

At first the animal did not want to leave the playground. “It took a long time, but we pacified him. Fortunately, we didn’t have to call the emergency unit,” Baranović recounted.

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However, the ostrich did not leave and remained among the fans until the end of the match. “Apparently he liked football. We had one more non-paying spectator,” added the mayor of the village of Čechy (for the sake of interest – the first mention of this village comes from the first half of the 15th century, when Hussite immigrants from Bohemia settled there).

The animal’s owner was alerted to what had happened after the match and came to collect his feathered charge.

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