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Fernando Alonso returned to the podium in Brazil last weekend, breaking a streak of less successful races.

Fernando Alonso started the season better than expected, taking six podiums in the opening eight races. After that, however, Aston Martin suffered a drop in form and, apart from the weather-affected GP of the Netherlands, the Spaniard only looked in the top three once in the following 11 races.

Last weekend, however, Alonso and his team returned to where they were in the first half of the season – that is, in the fight for a place on the podium. After a big fight with Sergio Pérez, Alonso eventually finished third, making the two failures in the previous two grands prix a thing of the past.

It was a very encouraging result for the two-time F1 champion from 2005 and 2006. It can also be seen from his statements, because while after the recent GP of Mexico he talked about losing several positions in the drivers’ championship by the end of the season, now the native of Oviedo is considerably more optimistic.

“I was worried about the last races and the final stage of the championship, there’s no doubt about that,” admitted Alonso at the press conference after the São Paulo GP.

“But now I can’t wait for the race in Las Vagas. The energy is completely different when you have a working car,” continued the Aston Martin driver, who bounced back to an overall fourth place in the championship in Brazil.

The Silverstone stable struggled before the Brazilian GP by failing to optimize the improvements they were putting on their car. After all, even Lando Norris from rival McLaren was surprised that Aston Martin would slow down with each upgrade.

However, for the race at Interlagos, Aston Martin returned to several older parts, and they worked in combination with selected novelties.

Alonso therefore believes that Aston Martin will maintain its rediscovered form for the remaining two races of this season.

“I think we understood a few things as a team and the direction we should go. We had high hopes for the race in Brazil and they turned out to be right. So why can’t we now be competitive in the last two races as well…,” added Alonso.

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