The shaman predicted the ski star’s downfall. The prophecy was fulfilled


Passages from the book regarding, for example, the secret use of anti-asthma medication, doubts about one’s own abilities, a complicated relationship with food intake, or a forced disgusting kiss from the moderator Peter Settmans, leaked to the media even before its publication.

Kalla announced the end of her career last year just a few days after her star rival Therese Johaug, and it is the famous Norwegian that is the chapter of the book that caused the biggest stir.

In 2012, a Swedish skier from the minority of Tornedal Finns visited a shaman who foretold the future in Sunsvall. In the book, from which Norwegian television NRK quotes with the permission of the publisher, Kalla recalls that she went to the meeting rather skeptical.

“Your life’s work is to be an inspiring light for other women. You are strong, but fragile,” Kalla remembers the shaman’s words, in which, according to her, she quite found herself. But that was not all.

“Wait, I see Norka. She will be caught doping. She’s a blonde,” the shaman was supposed to say next, according to a quote from the book. Kalla was said to have been annoyed by these words, because the talk about doping Norwegian skiers came to her only as envy of the Swedes towards their more successful neighbors.

In 2016, she mentioned the shaman’s prophecy to her media advisor Torbjörn Nordvall, who shocked her three months later by sending a message that Norka Johaug had tested positive for a steroid that had allegedly gotten into her body from a preparation from the team doctor to treat chapped lips .

Although she denied any intentional cheating, she took an 18-month break. She lost the Olympics and her reputation and personal life were in ruins.

“When I clicked on the news that Therese was suspected of doping, my head started to spin,” the Swede describes her feelings at the time in the book. When she called Nordvall, they both said in unison “the shaman,” referring to a four-year-old prophecy that had come true. “God, that’s pretty creepy,” she reportedly said on the phone at the time.

The editors of NRK confronted Johaug and another famous Norwegian skier, Marti Björgen, with a passage from the book. “Wow, that’s pretty scary. But even we at home on the farm had unloaders of the future, and the things they said also came true,” Johaugová was startled.

Björgen reacted calmly. “There is more between heaven and earth. It gives me goosebumps when I hear things like this. And that was in 2012? I wonder if Charlotte has gone back to the shaman yet?” she asked.

“I didn’t dare go there anymore,” Kalla said.

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