Tennis players in Seville stared. A half-hour autograph session and touching applause from the children


Seville (from our correspondent) – “I don’t get up at nine, especially not on my days off. I slept until one o’clock,” explained Nosková. “Well, at least I managed to have breakfast at ten, but then I also went to bed at one,” smiled Bouzková. For their performances against the Swiss yesterday, they both deserved a bit of extra credit. Especially when they didn’t take until after midnight.

In the fan zone of the stadium in Seville, a long ‘line’ of mostly children was waiting for them from two o’clock in the afternoon, who wanted to take pictures and sign the prepared sheets of paper. “It was nice with such small children who are happy about it. The girls told me they were here on a school trip. And in the afternoon they will go to see the Spanish girls,” recounted Bouzková, who brushed off her Spanish lessons. “When they found out that I could, I wrote them ‘for someone’ or ‘for someone’s family’, so I had a test of writing Spanish surnames.”

As soon as the Czech tennis players left, the girls in school uniforms spontaneously applauded them. And even a journalistic cynic had to admit that it was a touching moment. “Very nice,” agreed Bouzková, for whom the half-hour autograph session was a premiere. “I had a similar one in Prague,” Nosková compared.

But when she heard how popular her teammate’s Spanish is among the little fans, maybe she’ll get into it too. “I really like the language, I would like to learn it in the future. First lesson today,” smiled the eighteen-year-old tennis player.

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