Football players at the camp of the national team disappeared from the hotel. The coach found them drunk in a bar


The World Cup was over for them before it even started. Four Polish footballers were kicked out of the national team. They got drunk at the camp before the tournament. Moreover, they were not of legal age.

Young Polish footballers got drunk at the camp of the national team. Illustrative image.

| Photo: Courtesy of CPA

Polish football is rocked by a drunken scandal. Four of the under-17 national team sneaked out of the team hotel during a training camp in Bali and went on a night out through the city.

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When the coaching staff discovered the players were missing, an internal search was launched. Coach Marcin Wlodarski finally found his companions in a nearby bar with hard alcohol on the table. According to, one of the players had a cut eyebrow. The management of the national team immediately threw out the rolled party.

“Due to unsportsmanlike conduct and violation of regulations, the coaching staff of the U17 team decided to suspend four players,” the Polish Football Association announced on the social network.

“If they went to an amusement park or for a walk, it could probably be explained, but they slipped out to just get drunk,” said one of the Vaz officials.

The sinners were Oskar Tomczyk, Filip Rózga, Jan Labedzki and Filip Wolski. Not only did the footballers miss out on the World Cup in Indonesia, but they also face harsh sanctions. Their behavior was also condemned in clubs.

Slovaks at a party

“The behavior for which the players were removed from the squad is not worthy of footballers representing Poland at an important international tournament. At the same time, it was a matter that strongly violated the rules that every footballer should follow. In our academy, we learn professionalism and the right approach to sports from an early age. We will draw the consequences upon our return,” Cracovia Kraków said.

Class IA match between home team Sokol Doubí and guests from Česká Lípa. Here it was suspected that the judges were under the influence of alcohol.

Clubs complain about drunk referees. It is more common with players, the secretary of the union responded

He will take the same step in Lech Poznań. “In our academy, we try to educate not only great players, but also good people. We therefore strongly condemn the unsportsmanlike behavior of two of our players. We are waiting for the return of these players to Poland and will draw strict consequences against them,” Lech Poznaň said in a statement.

Slovak Sportnet recalled that a similar problem occurred in 2018 in the senior Slovak national team before the match with the Czech Republic. Coach Ján Kozák subsequently resigned.


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