Maybe they’ll boo me. The hockey avenger returns to the scene of the crime with the Czechs

Maybe they’ll boo me. The hockey avenger returns to the scene of the crime with the Czechs
Maybe they’ll boo me. The hockey avenger returns to the scene of the crime with the Czechs

The reason is the nasty tackle that Jašek committed on the same field in the Swedish league weekend game. The Oskarshamn national team striker received a three-game suspension from the local disciplinary officer for a nasty cut, and he also got it from the Swedish experts.

“Slap someone across the hands like that? Huge risk of injury,” Joel Lundqvist – TV expert and former Swedish national team player – did not understand.

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At the same time, Jašek is not a sneaky player whose main task is to make his opponents’ stay on the ice uncomfortable. On the contrary! He is one of the creative and productive fighters, but this time he lost his nerve.

“I don’t know if I can comment on that. Then it will get to the Swedish media,” thought Jašek in front of Czech journalists at the national team meeting in Prague. And he continued in a far more diplomatic tone.

“Some incomprehensible situations happened on the ice. Before that, they knocked down our captain in the corner, took him off the guardrail. The referee was a meter away from it, but he graded it as he graded,” recounted Jašek, who then took justice into his own hands and punished home striker Kalle Kossila with an educational chop.

But he overdid it with retribution. “I went to take revenge, but I had no intention of hurting or harming anyone,” he defended himself. “I wanted to protect our captain, which anyone would do. Chopping is probably not entirely appropriate, I should have taken him more by the tie,” acknowledged the Czech avenger.

He received a penalty for the foul with five minutes left in the game. Växjö used a long power play twice in the second period. In the end, Oskarshamn left with a 1:9 beating and remains last in the top league table.

They defend themselves in Finland, the Swedes are machines!

“The team is not doing well. The last matches did not go well for us at all. Hopefully the boys will rest, they can switch off and we will restart the season,” hoped Jašek. However, he does not have bad statistics himself, he collected 12 (6+6) points in 16 starts. After two seasons in the Finnish Lahti Pelicans, he managed the tricky move to a more demanding competition.

“The Swedish league is three levels different from Finland,” Jašek assesses.

“The players are more experienced, there are older guys playing there. Played upside down. The Swedes are machines that don’t let go. The Finns won the Olympics and twice the World Cup, all clubs tried to follow the system of the national team, which defended more and had a withdrawn defense. On the contrary, in Sweden you don’t have time for anything, you play in a bigger rhythm.”

At Karjale, Jašek will be able to demonstrate the game progress he has made. The question remains whether the coaches in Växjö will send him to the ice. Coach Rulík took five complete fives to the north of Europe, which he intends to alternate fairly during the EHT event.

And it would be quite possible to let Jašek into the game only on the weekend after the flight to Tampere, where he will certainly not be greeted by whistles.

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