The pawn taps its followers. Now he got them to the unofficial WC and says: It’s a miracle


In Spain, they will be able to see with their own eyes the stars of today’s MotoGP, because it is the youth race that takes place within the calendar of the World Motorcycle Championship. “Three riders in the final is almost a miracle for us. It is something that may never happen again. I am extremely happy for this, we never dreamed of it,” Pešek rejoices before the race, which will take place in the week before the aforementioned Valencia Grand Prix (November 26).

Pešek’s wards will thus have the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of a big race, which has the stamp of an unofficial World Youth Championship. “It’s great that everything is organized by Dorna, so the competitors will receive a helmet, overalls, motorcycle and everything will be ready turnkey,” explains Pešek.

Durdis already ran the MiniGP race last year, when he finished eighth in the lower category. This year too, he will be among the youngest riders on the Ohvale GP-2 190cc special, which is a stronger bike compared to last year. “I would like to attack the podium,” says the youngster, for whom it will be an advantage that he already knows the race circuit.

The second Czech representative in the race will be Giesler, for whom the race in Valencia will be the highlight so far and the imaginary end of his career in the MiniGP category. “I hope to finish as well as possible. Such a smaller goal is the top 15,” says Giesler.

Photo: Archive of Lukáš Pešek

Motorcyclist Roman Durdis is considered by Lukáš Pešek to be the greatest talent he has seen in the Czech Republic.

Thanks to the successes of his wards, Pešek got on the radar of elite motorcycle nations. “I was approached by the Italian federation to be part of their program for young riders as a coach, which is a huge honor for me,” says Peška. “On the other hand, it’s problematic for me to go to Italy to train because I don’t have much time. But we are in contact and share knowledge. Thanks to this, I have an overview and know that we are doing a good job, because the Italians really train very similarly,” reveals Pešek.

For Pešek, it is also a great motivation to gradually improve Durdis, who, in the eyes of the Czech legend, is perhaps the greatest talent he has experienced in the Czech Republic. “We deliberately moved it up a year again because we wanted to see it on a bigger bike. Again, he made huge progress in technique, driving, and I think he has also moved mentally,” says Pešek.

Only twelve-year-old Durdis, who has been riding motorcycles since he was five, dreams of a career in MotoGP. “He still has a long way to go, but I’m already looking forward to next year, because he will ride the same bike for the first time in the second year and I believe he will fully show what he has in him,” adds Pešek.

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