The invitation to the national team is nice, but the priority is Zheb, hls Chor

The invitation to the national team is nice, but the priority is Zheb, hls Chor
The invitation to the national team is nice, but the priority is Zheb, hls Chor

If Viktoria won 1-0 against the Croatian Ampion two weeks ago when Chorho’s penalty kick decided the victory, they should win at least a point and advance to the tie-breaker.

If every game fills the rounds it gets, I know we’ll make it. And then raise your hands above your head, announced the twenty-eight-year-old Chor.

ONLINE: Plzeň – Dinamo Zheb

Thursday 18.45

Will the nomination for the limited phase of the qualification for the Euro help you personally to feel confident?
I have to be honest that I didn’t tell her. But of course it’s nice. I went through the youth national teams, but I didn’t go anywhere. I am for the invitation of the rd. But that’s beside the point, I’m concentrating on getting back together with Viktorka, that’s my priority.

If you win, you are guaranteed to advance from the first-place group. Is that also motivation for you?
It would be very nice. But if we were to score some points, it wouldn’t be good at all. We have to go to the rescue with great determination, see ourselves and let one hundred percent hit.

How do you count in the tonka slo one position when your pairs of Durosins and Otters are wounded?
I would not like to answer to any role of tonka slo one. Zanal Rafk (Durosinmi), then I was there Vydrys, it kept getting better, the line-up crystallized. We tried, then we found a system, but even because of the injuries we changed it again. It’s not just about me, but about how the whole team works. And it goes without saying that I will want to help him as much as I can.

In Zheb and last Sunday at Slavia Plzeň, the tip variant with vmi, Jirka and ulec worked. Try it again on Thursday?
It’s one of the options, but let’s see, let’s break it down. We watch the video and try to find what would apply to Dinamo. There are many variants and we know that we will find a recipe for soup again.

ekte at home another save, not how was the one in Zheb?
It will be one or two goals again. We’ve got a good house environment, our spectators will start. I know it will be full, that should be a plus for us. It will depend on the security of the defense. And when it’s done, we’ll give it a hundred percent.

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