Just like in Sparta. Dinamo fans are not allowed in the stadium in Pilsen


Dinamo already played a match in Prague against Sparta this season without the presence of their fans. “Fortunately, the Croatian fans did not come in such large numbers, there were no dramatic excesses, it went peacefully,” mentions the chairman of the football association Petr Fousek, adding that the association helped the police with the whole event in the city.

It cannot be ruled out that the Croatian supporters, who already belong to the well-known and feared fan group Bad Blue Boys, will also arrive in Pilsen on Thursday. Security forces will be on alert. “The police in Pilsen and in Prague, where AS Řím will play, are top-notch,” Fousek believes that everything will go smoothly.

The West Bohemian club is ready, there will be strict checks when entering the stadium. Fans will also have to provide proof of identity with their ticket, or provide written proof that they have permanent residence in the Czech Republic. Plzeň does not want to underestimate the situation, at the same time it will not allow anyone wearing any symbols of Dinamo Zagreb into the stadium.

“This is a necessary measure that we have already taken several times in the past. The goal is to prevent Dinamo fans from entering the stadium and thus ensure the maximum safety of all visitors to the match. We believe that everything will go completely smoothly and the fans will enjoy a great evening of football,” says Viktoria’s spokesman Václav Hanzlík.

The guest sector will not remain empty, it will be filled by children from football clubs from the Pilsen region.

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