He waited so long for a chance in OKTAGON until he finally left to join the competition

He waited so long for a chance in OKTAGON until he finally left to join the competition
He waited so long for a chance in OKTAGON until he finally left to join the competition

Although he was very inconspicuous in OCTAGON, that doesn’t change the fact that he scored 3 wins in a row, so he naturally claimed a title shot. She was already within reach, but in the end another fighter got priority, so there was a transfer to the competition.

Angry psychopath Aleš Bejr has a message for “Onďa” Novotný

The KSW organization has announced that its new fighter is Ahmed Vila, who currently has a record of 10-4 with the fact that he has won his last 4 fights. In OCTAGON, he successively defeated Pokorný, Dohnal and also Tinghaugen, thanks to which he worked his way up to third place in the featherweight rankings, where he is currently behind Keita and Buchinger.

It is Keita who will fight for the title after the departure of the champion Sanikidze, but it will not be with Vila, who would be on offer, but with Samsonids, who is in fourth place in the OKTAGON ranking, right behind Ahmed. However, the villa eventually goes in a different direction.

“I get a lot of questions, why don’t I fight Keita for the title? It’s not up to me (and apparently not up to him) but up to the decision makers, so ask OCTAGON. I came to the USA for a wrestling camp, not for fun. I’ve been told I’m next in line for the title match, but it looks like I’ve been stuck on the bench for quite some time now. Why? Maybe I’m not interesting enough, maybe the fans don’t care, or maybe my style isn’t the best for the champion?

Whatever the reason, when I look at the division and the standings, I can clearly see that I deserved my chance. Both Keita and I were in favor, so it’s up to you what you think about it. Anyway, I train hard, so I’ll fight anyone at featherweight. Victory cannot be denied,” was Vil’s last statement, so we’ll see how he does now in KSW.

What is waiting for us?

18.11. Cologne – OCTAGON 49

Moeil vs Todev for the heavyweight title

Eckerlin vs Apollo

Engizek vs Sami

Montagnac vs Vinni

Ilbay vs. Fry

Brajshori vs ?

Kalashnik vs Stolze

Dyrschka vs ?

9.12. Ostrava – OCTAGON 50

Keita vs Samsonidse – for the featherweight title

Paradeiser vs Buchinger 2 – for the lightweight title

Lengál vs Bark

Kuznik vs Hosseinpour

Xavier vs Vinnie

Bartl vs. Lewis

Konrad vs Novak

Wide vs Nafuka

Raška vs Kotalík

Roušal vs ?

29.12. Prague – OCTAGON 51

Kincl vs Čepo – for the middleweight title

Veličković vs Michailidis – Final Tipsport Gamechanger

Vémola vs Pirate

Skvor vs Zawada

Red vs Tounkara

27.1. Newcastle – OCTAGON 52

20.4. Birmingham – OCTAGON 56

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