People from Pilsen are lucky. The new Neymar has yet to drive them away


Already as a ten-year-old, he was stunning in his native Rio de Janeiro with his technical feats and goal-kicking, he had no equal on small pitches. “Trust me, he’s the new Neymar! The ease with which he can weave his way out of the clutches of three opposing players, you have to foul him to take the ball away from him.” predicts Belinho’s representative and manager Andy Bara.

Although the little super dribbler will be fifteen in January, he still looks 10 years old when he came to Europe. He probably won’t grow much anymore, father Misael is also small.

“Belinho lost his mother at an early age, his father is unemployed, so he and his three other siblings took him to Croatia, where he first worked on a construction site in the seaside resort of Novi Vinodolski, where his son began to develop in football, last season he scored 16 goals for local pupils. After moving to Zagreb, he is already a small member of Dinamo. He goes to elementary school normally, speaks Croatian fluently. Now he’s been slowed down a bit by a shoulder injury, he started training two weeks ago, but his legs are still listening very well,” says Miroslav Střeleček, an expert on Croatian football.

The new Neymar should get Croatian citizenship by the end of the year.

“The Brazilian Football Association was late in swinging, Belinho only wants to represent in a checkerboard jersey, i.e. for the Croatian U-15 team next year,” advises Strěleček.

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“It hasn’t been that long since other Brazilians shone in Croatia’s first team – Eduardo da Silva or Sammir. Little Belinho will surely follow in their footsteps. I’m telling you, one day he will be the biggest transfer of all time at Dinamo,” assures Andy Bara, who sold the Spaniard Dani Olmo to Leipzig a few years ago from Dinamo. Dinamo earned, and thanks to the bonuses in the contract, they will get around 40 million euros.

As for Pilsen, he has to watch out for another foreigner in the evening. Japanese people.

“Dinamo, and especially coach Sergej Jakirovich, found a savior. The nimble Japanese striker Takuro Kaneko, known as the ‘Saitama Samurai’, after the first duel with Plzeň, helped to turn the match against Lokomotiva in the league as a substitute player in the setup (he scored for Baturin to make it 1:1, scored himself to make it 2:1). Last weekend, he also made a great cross to Mahira Emreli in the set-up for the final 1-1 draw in Varaždin. If it weren’t for that, coach Jakirovič would fly…,” points out Strěleček.

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