The world of bobsleigh can be driven by those esk horses, according to those pilots


The Czech Republic sent Patrcia Tajcnrov from Slovakia to the team, who will compete in the monobob in the European Games and at top junior events.

Trainer Dawid Kupczyk considers the birth of flowers in the elite series to be a rush. It’s quite a big shift. I have those pilots in the top 25. It’s great, but there is a problem with the material, she said. I have two double-bob peaks and one excellent tybob available. The rest is good, but they are old beans, noted the coach.

Gradually, internal tests will decide who will be number one among the pilots. The all-male team at the center in Altenberg, Germany, from where the pilots jumped on the swell to meet the newspaper in Prague, is current. The long-time leader of the team Dvok is also returning, only last season he stopped playing due to knee surgery. I will focus on the ones where my limited time could be scattered among the people, he filled.

It’s a shame that it has grown. the watershed of the World Cup, which takes place five weeks out, if you leave it out. It’s going to pay a lot of money. It’s set up so that we want things to ride lower, said Dvok.

esk tybob is composed of Adam Dobe, Michal Dobe, Ondej Hrzdil and Dominik Zlesk

Dobe, who died this year at the age of 15, would like to qualify for the WC. I would like to at least repeat the result from the world championship, that would be a big rush for me. And I will try to understand Dominik as much as possible, he said.

The fourth role of brake last season was Prochzek, who has now switched to pilot. I feel the best there. The situation that I kicked the boys off the roof was due to the fact that the other boys were new, they needed to get the hang of it. So I stumbled, he said.

In the run-up to the World Cup, he split his seeding with Bhounk, who is preparing for the Junior World Championships in St. Moica in January. Before that, the World Cup will go to this yesterday. So we should be reconciled there and we should also receive material support there. At the junior world championship, we would like the top 6, declared Bhounek.

Dominik Dvok and Jakub Nosek during the second round of the World Cup in Innsbruck.

The junior championship will be the highlight of the season for the twenty-one-year-old Tajcnrová, who has represented Slovakia so far, but was not satisfied with the progress of the national association.

They made the issue of the license conditional on me buying my own beans and all the technical equipment. And then they made me sign a paper saying that I would give up all my years of support from the union, she said.

When the situation did not change, she drank the offering of Eskho darkness. For the five months that I have been working with him, I have received more support than in Slovakia, said the pilot, who was ten at the Junior WC and seven at the ME in this age category. This season, the team would also qualify for the senior championship and go to the SP for the fifth year in a row. In addition to the monobob, he will also pilot the double bob.

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