Verstappen, Alonso and Norris were the best in Brazil –

Verstappen, Alonso and Norris were the best in Brazil –
Verstappen, Alonso and Norris were the best in Brazil –

The best riders at Interlagos were those who finished on the podium.

The best performance was given by Max Verstappen in Brazil, who received an average grade of 9.6. Two tenths less went to Fernando Alonso, who finished in third place after a fight with Sergio Pérez.

He finished third with the same loss to Alonso Lando Norris, who was second in the race.

Formula 1 experts also praised the performances of Pierre Gasly, Lance Stroll and Júki Cunoda.

Among the top ten were also Sergio Pérez or Lewis Hamilton – who finished in eighth place, although Mercedes struggled a lot in Brazil.

Both Ferrari drivers also reached the top ten. Charles Leclerc did not start the race, but Power Rankings evaluates the driver’s form throughout the weekend.

F1 Power Rankings: São Paulo Grand Prix 2023

P Rider Position in the race Score
1 Max Verstappen 1 9.6
2 Fernando Alonso 3 9.4
3 Lando Norris 2 9.2
4 Pierre Gasly 7 8.4
5 Lance Stroll 5 8.0
6 Yuki Tsunoda 9 7,8
7 Sergio Perez 4 7.4
8 Charles Leclerc DNS 7.2
9 Carlos Sainz 6 7.0
9 Lewis Hamilton 8 7.0

Interim overall results

Verstappen is clearly the first, but in the other places it is close like in the championship.

P Rider Score Change
1 Max Verstappen 9.2
2 Lewis Hamilton 7.9
2 Lando Norris 7.9 1
4 Fernando Alonso 7.7
5 Alex Albon 7.6 -1
6 Carlos Sainz 7.2
6 George Russell 7.2
8 Charles Leclerc 7.1
9 Oscar Piastri 7.0 -1
9 Pierre Gasly 7.0 1

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