NFL (opt) in Germany. What about the Bundesliga in America? Not honest yet, it seems


It is no coincidence that the summer tour will take place – one last Sunday, the following Sunday will be another one – it hosted after the Polish rabbits to Munich and Dusseldorf before Frankfurt.

The city on the Main was for years the home of the strongest American football team in Europe, it has a large community of descendants of American soldiers, and therefore you can also find the seat of the DFL (Deutsche Fussball Liga), the German football league, there.

The Bundesliga’s first-team leader, the NFL, has grown significantly stronger in recent years. Paradoxically, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, they were able to get advice from their German colleagues on how to restart the league as quickly as possible after the forced break.

There is a huge amount of interest in the NFL in German cities, and the hoaxes have so far been viewed by millions of viewers on the web. Which logically attracted the interest of local media reporters, who soon became more interested in the potential connection between European sports and the USA.

Sebastian Stafford-Bloor, the football editor of the renowned website The Athletic, came up with the hypothesis that the Bundesliga should be inspired by the NFL first after the marketing side.

NFL signs? Loud, rude, barbaric. German football, which has to compete with the English Premier League in the long run, should follow his example, except in its text.

Later, this quote was modified, now it is supplemented by the following words: …but in an ethereal way and without insulting the original cultures.

That means me vc vc Even in Frankfurt, the fans of the Kansas City Chiefs did not forgive the controversial Tomahawk Chop, a move by the right-wingers that angered the Indian population. Moreover, in Germany, given the historical circumstances, it seems a bit old-fashioned.

Tomahawk will take on the Kansas City Chiefs.

He gave importance to the meme to look for in the fact that complete Americanization would kill the Bundesliga itself. Don’t stay in the cheering club of the Germans, all the football games there are filled with atmosphere. But the NFL can be harsh.

The NFL was crowded, but that was also thanks to the capacity and the closed road, firstly for fan Petr, who during a single weekend visited the Bundesliga match Hoffenheim – Leverkusen and then also the home game of the American football Kansas City Chiefs – Miami Dolphins. Jin is in the living room. In the Bundesliga, the fan does not mix both boilers, in the NFL it is more about the concrete success of the event. Only two people cheered Lets Go Chiefs or Lets Go Dolphins.

In one important matter, by the way, the NFL was first inspired by the Bundesliga. Specifically, in the Konferenz format, when the ARD station broadcast all the sides of the world in one broadcast and just played among the most interesting things that happened in the stadiums.

The American Football League broke down the format and created RedZone. The principle is the same, but it is the only way to avoid ads when watching the NFL. The media colossus ESPN, which owns the Bundesliga’s first, similarly broadcast called Goal Arena, has been rampant in the market since the start of the season.

So, when did the union prove itself and the NFL games in Germany are closed, so why not try the opposite as well? Not all Bundesliga cities are interested in cooperation, you in Dortmund don’t even want to hear about a guest match of American football, then about a league duel in America.

Frankfurt was decorated with tm American football helmets from the NFL.

I doubt that Dortmund could do much with any NFL team. There is no American football tradition here, think Carsten Cramer, manager of Borussia football, it would not even be possible to hit his stadium. But I’m not criticizing Munich or Frankfurt at all, they’re saving money.

But not without sweat. When the American football player Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Seattle Seahawks played in Bavaria last year, Bayern was covered in unpleasant sweat with injuries and low-quality grass.

But back to my confusion about the Bundesliga. This is not a league with big stars, five Stafford-Bloor newspapers. You can’t expect his games to generate huge advertising profits in foreign countries.

But let’s take a look at the situation in Germany. Does the real Bundesliga need to go abroad, when the stands of their stadiums are constantly packed and have the highest average attendance of all competitions in Europe (43,000)? Especially tko.

And so the journey to the USA will not take place for some time. At the moment, it seems that the NFL needs Germany to strengthen its position in the European market, not that the Bundesliga needs America.

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