Ulink Fenin fell back to the bottom: Manelka left him several months ago because of alcohol


He paid for the great talent of Czech football, he made it to Eintracht Frankfurt, and clubs from far more lucrative addresses were looking for him. Only a love of alcohol and associated escapades ended the career of Martin Fenin (36) pedasn. Although it seemed that he got back together, he found a beautiful wife, he had a daughter, that’s it… The latest information shows that Fenin is on the mend.

He is 60 years old, at the top of the esk league with veterans. Jene Martin Fenin doesn’t even kick for fun in these leagues. The demon of alcohol took hold of him again.

All around him, a great tonk is able to grind quietly for a few weeks and not give up. What’s going on with him right now, but he’s still here.

Fenin is probably drunk, he was even lying in front of the house. Obas pespv in his black mercedes in the street, but then vomit and faeces appear in his car, described Bleska Fenin’s neighbor from Stodlek, according to them, he doesn’t even slip into a similar relationship, and when peace is ordered, he doesn’t even bother to leave with the car.

A thump is heard from his apartment. Like kicking him in anger, or falling to the ground due to drunkenness. I hope it doesn’t end in some tragedy, kr shoulders dal.

It’s a yellow icon. Fenin collected a lot of pensions during his career, he even invested in Germany. The vomit and the vomit are poured out by a luxurious black Mercedes in the garage of a modern apartment building.

Martin Fenin with model Beata

The football player shared one of the apartments here with his wife Beata, a beautiful policewoman who had a holy patience with him for a long time, and also with their daughter Mia, who was born to them two years ago. That is in the past.

The mistress packed up her daughter and took her away from Fenin, who had locked her up from morning to evening. According to Expres, however, this is not a new thing, Beata was supposed to leave him.

Martin Fenin with his beautiful model Beata

How long will Martin Fenin get back on his feet and stand firmly on them? Football fans are sure to drink, but now it seems that you can save a lot of money with alcohol.

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