Eco Olympics? Always listen to us! I’m going to Tahiti. The old lady didn’t drink

Eco Olympics? Always listen to us! I’m going to Tahiti. The old lady didn’t drink
Eco Olympics? Always listen to us! I’m going to Tahiti. The old lady didn’t drink

The organizers of the games now plan to build a 14-meter clay court with toilets, air conditioning and space for 40 people, which they say is necessary to meet safety standards. The Reuters agency reported that the price for an environmentally friendly project should be estimated at 5 million dollars.

An internet petition calling for its construction has collected more than 150,000 signatures. Surf contests are nothing new for the small village, but until now, during the Teahupoo race, a modest board was used for decisions, which was also dismantled after each event.

On the waves that laugh at Teahupoo, people like to surf.

Another problem is the dormitory. Accommodation for all residents should be provided all year round. And by the way, Teahupoo is 15,705 kilometers from Pae lench.

The president of French Polynesia, Moetai Brotherson, suggests that the surfboards could move to the western coast of Tahiti. Considering the problems that are going on and the protest, we should think about this possibility, he said to the French media on the Pacific island of Fru.

However, the organizers insist on their own. The priority is to find someone who can organize the surfing events of the Olympic Games in Tahiti in Teahupoo under the best possible conditions, they said in a statement to Reuters. The dialogue with ecological associations and local residents will continue, they assured.

Tahian emphasizes that their protests are not against the Olympic Games themselves, but rather the construction of infrastructure in Teahupoo.

The Mana of Teahupoo was strong today !!!! Thank you everyone for coming and protesting against this new aluminum tower they want to build on the reef of our wave ❤️

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Mayor Anne Hidalgov, who, although she went on a business trip to French Polynesia in June to check the progress of the preparations for the Olympic Games, took care of other issues connected with the surfing competition in Tahiti, she did not fall in love with Teahupoo.

In addition, she extended her stay as a personal vacation. She paid for the return ticket herself, the rest of the delegation was working on the deadline, she calmed down the situation with the Town Hall tape.

The mayor said that the planned Olympic surfing area in Teahupoo was visited by sports councilor and rugby player Pierre Rabadan. It happened on January 22, the town hall specified.

However, his approach did not give the impression that the French would really appreciate the suitability of the island in Tahiti.

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