Kellnerov will not play for the Prague Lions in the Prague Playoffs

Kellnerov will not play for the Prague Lions in the Prague Playoffs
Kellnerov will not play for the Prague Lions in the Prague Playoffs

It was clear about the lineup for a long time. It was also because Fernando is a member of the Mexican team and was nominated for the Pan American Games. We therefore had to fill in Alongside him, Niels Bruynseels and Pieter Devos will start for the Prague Lions. Unfortunately, I don’t study in the dark tournaments, but I will start there as an individual every day before the main tournament in the CSI5* category, Kellnerova said.

He only takes the Hurricane DD gelding to Prague, to which Harry belongs. I’ve had an eleven-year-old Dutch warm-blooded dog since the beginning of this year. We started the day before on two indoor slopes in Lier, Belgium and Saint-L, France. I have to respect that she tries hard, she is a great fighter. I hope he will be fine in Prague, said Kellnerov.

This time, we will not be drinking the long-standing perfume Catch Me If You Can in Prague. She had a lot of colic and had to spend a lot of time in the clinic. Eventually it worked out, but when it did, we were very scared. It looked pretty vn. A long convalescence followed the sweat that shook the house. There was no time to get her back in shape for the November seduction. That’s why we decided to take a rest and prepare it for the 2024 season, Kellnerova explained.

While last year the Prague Lions from this city qualified for the semi-finals of the Super Cup for a long time, this time they were in the Global Champions League and the quarter-finals are on Thursday, November 16. We have started this season. In Miami we finished together, but during the next laps there was always a mistake, or the race did not allow us to be on the steps. But at the final in Rijd, the team managed to be on the box again and we were all very happy about it. We are going to the Prague Playoffs motivated, said Kellnerov.

The Prague Playoffs will take place from November 16 to 19 at the O2 Arena. It will host the climax of the parkour series for the fifth and last time.

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