Nadje met the stars before the age of 16. Super motivation, Vondrouov tells them


Meanwhile, Laura Samsonov, Elika Forejtkov and Alena Kovakov had a tough time at the team event in Crdob: they advanced from the group and will challenge the Japanese women in the fifth quarter-final. The adult national team played a group in Seville on the same day against the Americans, so the two teams could meet on Thursday.

I didn’t expect that we would have this kind of fun, let’s have it here, said Samsonov, with Kovakova’s champion during the junior tournament at the famous Wimbledon. I would like to represent the Czech Republic in the future as well, but I have to train and work on my psyche every day, because adult tennis is faster and the girls have more experience in it.

The Czech under-16 team in Seville got a valuable insight into how the senior national team works at the top event. It’s great for girls that they can see the conditions with their own eyes and they can be with them in the gym. If I were the same age, it would definitely be a win for me, remarked Vondrouov.

She herself won the U16 Fed Cup in Madrid in 2015, and as an adult she cheered at home matches in Prague. Back then it was a dream for me to get into the dark, for young girls it’s a great motivation, I remember.

And immediately, the talented compatriot in the frame of the two age groups was drawn to the Uno card game. We often play it in complete darkness, so we got the girls involved to look around, the world number seven smiled.

The coach of the junior girls, David koch, revealed that his girls caught up with the Sevilla team and gave a stimulating meeting.

There was such a press and they saw Billie Jean Kingov, Arantxa Snchezov Vicariov and Conchita Martnezov. They gave a speech and then their heads were bowed. Free event, lasted about an hour and I think the girls enjoyed it,

And Petr Pla, captain of Vondrouov, Barbory ​​Krejkov, Marie Bouzkov, Linda Noskov and Kateiny Siniakov, assured that he is closely watching the great effort of many future es for next year.

It is asn as the generation grows. The step into world tennis is difficult, and there is a lot of work ahead of you, but you have a great time. I know from the second that when the girls win the junior game, they are hungry to win the adult game as well. This is a huge advantage for the captain.

Samsonov, Forejtkov and Kovakov need to win their first match to lift the trophy, the first time in the quarter-finals against the Japanese women.

It turned out quite crazy, because we still have a lot of competition, but if we want to win the whole match, we have to fight and fight with it, the coach of the junior girls realizes.

The future of Czech tennis looks very promising, a few days ago Maxim Mrva, Jan Kumstt and Martin Doskoil took control of the Junior Davis Cup in Crdob.

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