Short pay, curses and death threats! Humble describes the horrors of Manchester

Short pay, curses and death threats! Humble describes the horrors of Manchester
Short pay, curses and death threats! Humble describes the horrors of Manchester

The ASA team’s trip to Great Britain was unfortunately very unsuccessful. However, the fighters Pokorný and Bahník are not to blame for this, but the rivals Rock and Wanliss. The blow to the groin from Jedi was of course an unfortunate accident, but that cannot be said about Rock, who kicked the Czech veteran at the weigh-in and thus injured his ribs, with which Jubox was unable to enter the match. However, the conflict with the rival did not end the horrors in Manchester.

“That’s when I realized that we could be rivals,” Procházka described an interesting incident with Pereira

Hi Jardo, it’s almost a week after OKTAGON 48 in Manchester, but Rock’s apology is nowhere to be found. On the contrary, he continues to weigh in on you and actually presents the whole situation as if you refused to board and thus puts the blame on you.

The English side says I didn’t want to fight and backed out of the match, but that’s complete bullshit. I’ve fought other killers and besides, why would I lose 15 kg just for weight? I invested a lot of time and money in preparation to not fight.

In your statement on social networks, you mentioned that you have a terrible experience from Manchester, but also a hole in the budget. How did your paycheck actually go? Although you did not enter the fight, you otherwise fulfilled all the conditions.

I agreed with Ondra on the financial terms for the canceled match. Of course I felt wronged, but I thought it was too late to argue. Anyway, together we found a solution that I will get 50 percent, with the fact that if I have a match with Rock in the 02 arena, they will give me an extra bonus that will partially make up for my loss. However, that was before things happened that are beyond my understanding and I will no longer fight Rock. He shouldn’t be fighting now anyway.

You’re probably referring to the death threats you allegedly received in Manchester. What happened?

My girlfriend and I went to the lobby to greet the guys who had come to England for my match and I was handing them tickets. Unfortunately, there were big problems with the tickets, but I wouldn’t discuss that completely, because the OKTAGON team did a lot to get those guys into the hall.

I said goodbye to the boys because I didn’t want to go inside for my safety. I felt trouble because already at the press conference a few guys started verbally attacking me. Unfortunately, on the way from the hall, we met, or rather, Rock’s family and his friends were waiting for us.

They started filming us and insulting us and Rock’s mother started cursing us and threatening to kill us from our children to ourselves. She was in a completely crazy state and if you add a couple of guys filming you, shouting and hitting on you, it was exactly the place you don’t want to be with your girlfriend. It was not pleasant and we preferred to disappear. We were lucky that it was at the main entrance where there were a few security people.

The thing that pisses me off the most is that Rock knows full well what happened and what his mother and his friends did and yet he is such a champion that he shares it on his instagram with an offensive caption. You can probably imagine how it feels when you and your girlfriend are threatened with death and are outnumbered at that moment.

The management of the organization has let it be known that Rock will be punished, but we do not yet have any further information on what form it will take.

It’s gotten too much for me….. They’re trying to cheat at the weigh-in, they’re taking a chair to Vlad Lengál, they’re injuring me at the weigh-in, because of which I’ll lose money, they’re threatening to kill my daughter and my girlfriend, and then he can continue to wrestle in peace? I wonder if we live in 2023? My question is: Does OCTAGON need it?

What is waiting for us?

18.11. Cologne – OCTAGON 49

Moeil vs Todev for the heavyweight title

Eckerlin vs Apollo

Engizek vs Sami

Montagnac vs Vinni

Ilbay vs. Fry

Brajshori vs ?

Kalashnik vs Stolze

Dyrschka vs ?

9.12. Ostrava – OCTAGON 50

Keita vs Samsonidse – for the featherweight title

Paradeiser vs Buchinger 2 – for the lightweight title

Lengál vs Bark

Kuznik vs Hosseinpour

Xavier vs Vinnie

Bartl vs. Lewis

Konrad vs Novak

Wide vs Nafuka

Raška vs Kotalík

Roušal vs ?

29.12. Prague – OCTAGON 51

Kincl vs Čepo – for the middleweight title

Veličković vs Michailidis – Final Tipsport Gamechanger

Vémola vs Pirate

Skvor vs Zawada

Red vs Tounkara

27.1. Newcastle – OCTAGON 52

20.4. Birmingham – OCTAGON 56

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