Cutlets, risotto, sweet drink… The hero of the Carnival was mainly hungry


The footballers of Slavia won 2:0 and the experienced players in their cabin could compare where such a result would rank compared to other scalps of famous rivals.

“Difficult question. The biggest wins were usually in the knockout stage, they meant advancement. We are still in the group now. However, I find that the older I get, the more I can enjoy such matches,” reflects the 30-year-old midfielder, who has been at Eden for five years and also remembers the Champions League.

The strange thing is that he couldn’t even properly describe his almost life hit.

Oh the door in Eden! Jose Mourinho hid behind them when he arrived at the press center, but he couldn’t find them when he left. Video:

“To be honest, I don’t even know how the goal was scored. I’ll just have to let him go. Although I don’t score that many goals, it’s hard for me to include him somewhere in my balance right now… The first goal was key. Mojmír (Chytil) and Vašek (Jurečka) did it excellently. The opening goal will greatly relieve the team and give it a kick,” Masopust also gives glory to his teammates.

“Not only the win over AS Roma. The performance shown, how we presented ourselves on the field, is also important for us. The first half was excellent, we left the cabin with a great feeling,” the Czech representative evaluates the great evening.

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