The German youngster went on a rampage against Toronto and deepened his game crisis

The German youngster went on a rampage against Toronto and deepened his game crisis
The German youngster went on a rampage against Toronto and deepened his game crisis

Five losses from the last six battles. This is a threatening record for the Maple Leafs, who were not enough against Ottawa on home ice. The Maple Leafs chose their crisis in the twelfth minute of the third period after Dominik Kubalík’s goal. Tim Stützle, who brazenly prepared the final shot, drew attention to himself with four points and his attack collected a total of ten.

Tim Stützle scored a goal and three assists in the game. His Ottawa Senators scored three straight goals in three minutes and eleven seconds in the final period of regulation. Toronto again conceded a sea of ​​goals and fell 3:6. In the sum of the last three duels, a formidable 17 pucks fell into the Maple Leafs cage!

“I felt like I wanted to play with the puck as much as possible tonight, and I think our whole line got going,” Stützle said. “The whole game we had the puck on our sticks, we created chances and stayed on the puck.”

On the other hand, the race did not go well for Toronto again, who lost the match within a few minutes, when the Senators struck at a 3:3 tie and suddenly led by three hits.

“We fought pretty well, but we got hit hard and then we kind of lost it,” Maple Leafs forward William Nylander said. “But I think we’re just facing adversity. We need to grow and build. We have a lot of new guys here, so we’re building team chemistry and working on that.”

The main skipper of the Toronto switcheroo was significantly dissatisfied with the game outage.

“We have to get our game right and do everything we can to take care of ourselves in the table. We also have to help the guys who are struggling in their positions.”

“Some of our mistakes were individual, some were collective within the team. We celebrate guys putting up big numbers on the Canadian scoring charts, but we don’t talk enough about how we struggle defensively. That’s the reality. We have to prioritize that game strategy so that we don’t concede so many goals.

Ottawa won after two setbacks and is trying to prove to their disgruntled fans that these are just minor fluctuations and the team is in good shape.

“We talked about it for a few weeks,” Giroux said. “We want to play consistently. We have a good feeling about the match. We are happy with how we played.”

“It’s tough, you always want to win,” Stützle said. “I hate losing. I think the whole team is like that, everyone in the cabin knows it’s all about winning games. There is a lot of media noise around us, but I think we have shown that we can win. I think we played great. Korpisalo was also great and kept us in the game all the time.”

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