Do I spin and stay in the hundred? Siniakov’s fears have been dispelled and he is a Terminator again


She arrived in Seville on Monday evening, and on Tuesday, in a match with Barbora Krejková, she won a 3-0 win over Včarka. on Friday from 4:00 p.m., they will start the group against the strong Americans, narrowly advance to the semi-finals. And Siniakov will again be ready to help in any role, she has excelled against the United States in the past.

In the final of that Fed Cup in Prague in 2018, you scored two points against the Americans, including the decisive one. How do you remember the race with a time gap?
I will never forget the full arena and the atmosphere when I stepped on the court. It’s a big deal that the format of the competition has changed and we were asking for this. I have never encountered such a backdrop at any other tournament. People chased me, I was nervous because I wanted to prove to them that I could do it. I’m sure I could have caught something like that.

I LEAD. Czech tennis player Kateina Siniakov rejoices after winning the first set in the Fed Cup 2018 final against American Sofia Keninov.

What did you remember about the ride?
I remember that I thought that I was only going to hell as fourth, but suddenly I was number one. When I was little, I was always watching girls, and you were all over me. All in all, that week was unforgettable for me, the trophy was worth a sign for me.

And last year in Glasgow you beat the star Coco Gauff.
Great law of the season. I am very glad that I managed to do it this way. I think that I didn’t even expect to play singles again, but in the end it happened beautifully.

Kateina Siniakov on the thorn at the BJK Cup in Seville.

How do you see the team before the fifth fight in Seville?
American women have long hair, but we also have great company. We’re all in the top 50, so whoever steps up, I’ll beat them. But of course I’m sorry about how the lineup will turn out.

Have you acclimatized after the pellet from the Tournament of Champions in Cannes?
It’s not easy, but I have to honor myself. I was quite tired after the fight with the breakfasts, I felt sorry, but I slept and in the morning I was at St.

Do you have a twisted regime?
Yes. I go to bed late, so it’s fitting that we play in the evening. If we played at 10, it would be difficult for me. But to be clear, it’s not a full time shift, this is how my sleep mode is normally set.

For the Masters, where you and Barbora Krejková did not advance from the group, do you want to go?
No, whatever happened, don’t worry. I’m sorry for how the whole tournament went, but at the moment I’m in my head here and I want to get a good result. If I’m ever going to do it, it’s definitely not you.

At your last singles tournament in Nanchang, you won the title, did you sweat?
Urit, I had a great season. When I went there, I didn’t expect such a thing. I fought to hit the 100 at all, so I’m glad it turned out like this.

esk finle in Nan-chang was dominated by Kateina Siniakov (right), she defeated Maria Bouzková.

Count the year as the 45th female tennis player in the world, you have dominated two businesses. So are you satisfied?
Dec. I had a great season even though I didn’t have enough time to stop and I was injured. I struggled with whether I was moving at all because it didn’t look healthy the whole time. When I look back, I am naturally very satisfied. I hope that I will continue with this style for a long time and eventually I will not release the whole clay.

Did you have a letter then?
Yes. When I came back the first time, my foot hurt so much that I couldn’t walk. The recovery was long, until now I am not able to read what I actually had with him. But I’m glad, eu to him again.

Do you work with Slovakian trainer Peter Huber?
Yes and I am satisfied. Even in those moments when I was injured or I couldn’t do it, he tried to give me another perspective on everything that was happening. He is very positive, always trying to lighten the atmosphere.

The year of the beast was also good for your partner Tom Mach, how do you do the same?
We sing and cheer each other. It’s great that both of us did this well, so hopefully they will continue to do well.

On the contrary, in the tie with Barbora Krejková, you did not win as many races as in previous years. do you drink it?
Both of us had health problems, because of which we drank about Pa and Wimbledon, which were the tournaments we missed. Since we were both injured, we had no chance of opening the game. And when everyone knows you, it’s hard to be at the top. He gets into trouble with me and the devil, while we don’t bother him at all. I think it was such a coincidence of circumstance and accident. And we’re only human too.

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