A match as it should be. We have great opponents, it’s about the head

A match as it should be. We have great opponents, it’s about the head
A match as it should be. We have great opponents, it’s about the head

9/11/2023, Editorial Board

After more than two years, Jan Bořil returned to Slavia’s starting line-up in the European Cup match, wearing the captain’s armband and leading the team to a 2-0 victory over AS Rome and a move to first place in Group G. After the match, he visited journalists and faced their questions

What feelings resonate in you after you secured participation in the spring part of the European Cups?
“It’s a beautiful feeling. We knew who we were up against, we wanted to make amends for the away game from Rome. We did it, we watched a lot of videos and I think from a tactical point of view we did a great performance. We deservedly won.”

You heckled the team and the fans throughout the match. Did you enjoy the atmosphere of the European duel?
“We needed the fans to push us forward. On the contrary, we wanted to give them the opportunity to support us even more. In the game there were barriers, corners, cars, fouls. The fans roared, goals are the icing on the cake.”

Did you expect to beat your opponent by such a margin?
“We had videos from the first game to go by. We knew that if we were more on the ball, Roma would be nervous, it was confirmed. We had an inkling where they would make a mistake that we took advantage of. As I mentioned, from a tactical point of view we played brilliantly today.

You jumped into the European game from the first minutes after a long pause. Was it a special moment for you?
“I don’t even know how much time has passed. I found out that I was going to start the night before the game, it surprised me. I was very happy, I enjoy big matches, and so do others. We deservedly won.”

What went through your head when you found out about your nomination for the game?
“I was happy, I want to play every game, especially big ones like this and on home stage. I enjoyed it tremendously.’

Did you think about a match with such an opponent and with such a result after your injury?
“I mainly focused on getting back, both in training and playing. I was patient, the coaches and the guys in the cabin helped me a lot. I worked on myself. Sometimes you play good games and bad games, today it all came together and we turned it into a victory.”

Are you happy that you managed Romelu Lukaku?
“Tactically, we played really well today, we closed him down, the opponent often plays on him. Lukaku is a very strong player, that’s why we knew he was going to put the ball down on other players. We doubled him, so he practically didn’t get to anything. I have seen him in matches where he has scored so I know what quality he is. The moment Dybala came onto the pitch, it flashed through my head that it was going to be tough, but I have to say that the boys and I looked after them responsibly.”

Is the win all the more valuable when Roma fielded the biggest stars in their squad?
“It’s always better when teams like that play full fire. I have to admit that today was a fantastic match with an excellent backdrop. In short, it was a match as it should be.”

Is the match a message to future opponents in European cups?
“It is a huge encouragement for us, we will believe in ourselves more. A few days ago we lost to Pilsen on the same pitch, but we still want to go as far as possible in Europe. We have shown that we are capable of such opponents, that we can play against them. It’s just about the head.’

For the first time since your return, you started as a wingback. Probably few believed that you would be able to do such a quick post…
“I would say that it’s always fifty-fifty for me, either I play or I don’t (laughs). I’m under pressure in every game, but that’s the way I like it. I don’t think like that at all, simply wherever the coach puts me, that’s where I’ll play. I want to play every game, and if it came down to it, I would climb between the three posts. The coaches know me, they know what kind of heart I am and I know how to cheer others up.”

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