Bark described the dispute with ilhavm. Just assumptions, I want to represent dl, ekl

Bark described the dispute with ilhavm. Just assumptions, I want to represent dl, ekl
Bark described the dispute with ilhavm. Just assumptions, I want to represent dl, ekl

Since the summer, he had health problems and was unable to return to the lawns on his own. In June, he contacted coach Ilhav for the first time, who did not invite him to the national team in July due to repeated violations of internal rules.

Only as soon as he heard from the last press conference of the national team, which took place on Tuesday, that the situation around him had not moved anywhere, he decided to speak publicly.

When, before the January meeting, coach Ilhav said that it was up to me and I should speak up, I did it the very next day. We talked for about twenty minutes, Mr. Per, the manager of the national team, was also there, and I asked both of them which internal rule I had to break. I did not get a clear answer – only that everything was told to me in our interviews during the previous representative events, declared Bark.

He swore that he had never had a dispute with a day co-worker, as was speculated in some media, or that he would not fulfill his duties and perhaps was late for meetings in the past. I behaved like a professional, I duped myself.

Perhaps only once during the interview before the new match against Poland, at the start of the qualification, did he not behave properly. Sometimes I didn’t manage it, I admit it.

Bark, the capital of the Italian city of Fiorentina, learned from the coaching staff that he would not be joining the starting line-up. When the score was 3:1, he stepped in as the game’s starter for the last twenty minutes.

But I was fed up, ks distance. I went to the start of the qualification, I was in the form ie mm tmu co dt. I felt good about it.

And he described that this interview with the coaching team took place immediately after the trip to Moldova, where even after those days, he made it back to the qualifying group.

We were the players who somehow decided not to take the realization team towards Poland, he admitted, he would not name. They told me that there are young guys in the dark and there is no time for me to put things in quotation marks. J didn’t react.

However, I heard from Mr. Pero in June that I was afraid, as if I thought that they (realization of the dark) were full of shit… But this shocked me and I immediately reacted: And you have inputs to mdi based on assumptions?

According to Bark, he apologized to the coach every day in June.

The whole phone call then consisted of Mr. Ilhav telling me how glad he was that I answered and took the step. And he only added that I would be happy if he gave the communication not to the media, but to Namo. I want us to talk to each other when we disagree. I want us to act openly like men, Bark continued.

Only then did I learn from the trainer’s first answer at the November press conference that the situation had not moved anywhere and remained in the same place. That was the impetus for me to talk to you, he told a newspaper from Florence.

When everyone joined the virtual meeting, Bark took the first floor and laughed for a long minute. Paralysis explained, he had passed from the red. e was repeatedly hospitalized over the years due to problems after bilateral pneumonia, and he did not want to comment on the situation surrounding the national team at a time when it was not clear if and when he was going to go to bed.

He also revealed that he didn’t want to evaluate the work of the coach and the implementation team because it didn’t work for him from the position of the game.

And then he started answering the questions.

If the coach had said, I can play better for my position, that I lack minutes and form, or that my performance is not that good, I would respect that, but that didn’t happen, sorry Barka. With this entry, I would like to close the circle in which we have been playing for some time. Even for fans of Czech football.

I don’t want people to think that Tonda Bark is a rebel. I want to represent the world and I never wanted to give up the Czech jersey. That’s still true, even though logically I don’t know how the whole situation will continue.

Is it at all reliable that the current leader of the national team will take Barka to mercy?

Petr Fousek, the chairman of the association, spoke about the planned meeting, which, according to the game, did not take place. Just the one phone call that Bark told me about.

Of course, I always went with my aunt and friends. I also appreciated the support of the boys from the national team, even though I would certainly not like to pit them against the reality. ek ns due a meeting for advancement to the Euro, which is the goal of all of us. And my personal goal is for all of this to end, he repeated several times.

And long?

I will follow the development also around the national team coach, because I consider myself a member of the national darkness, pipustil. But I would like to admit that it has never mattered to me who leads the national team. I have never turned down an invitation, neither in the junior categories nor in the ku. I wouldn’t take it either.

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