Absolute top, best club. Pilsen is also rolling against Frankfurt or Fiorentina

Absolute top, best club. Pilsen is also rolling against Frankfurt or Fiorentina
Absolute top, best club. Pilsen is also rolling against Frankfurt or Fiorentina

Viktoria Plzeň footballers are at the absolute top of all 32 teams of the European Conference League according to the money they earned this year. 7,662,000 euros (almost 190 million crowns) will already flow into their account for bonuses from UEFA.

European Conference League, Group C: FC Viktoria Plzeň – Dinamo Zagreb 1:0 (1:0) – the players take to the pitch.

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This is a decent sum for the Pilsen club and its new Austrian-Swiss owners, after all it is well over half of the budget. And it is still far from final, because it does not include the money for the sale of TV rights. So far, however, the Victorians have earned the most of all 32 clubs, leaving European giants Frankfurt, Aston Villa, Fiorentina and Fenerbahce behind.

And most importantly, they still have two matches in the basic group before the end of the year – on November 30 in Pristina, Kosovo against FC Ballkani and on December 14 from 21:00 at home against Astana – and in the spring the continuation of the knockout stage. And according to the coach Miroslava Koubek they are not going to release anything.

“In other matches, we also play for the Czech coefficient, European cups are not played every day, they are benefits for the whole club,” the Pilsen coach nodded when asked if he would prefer the Czech league for the rest of the season.

“I don’t want to predict what staffing measures we will take now, we have a very demanding program ahead of us. After mature consideration, other players who have been disciplinedly waiting for a chance until now will get a chance in league and cup matches,” admitted Miroslav Koubek on Thursday evening.

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He could partly breathe a sigh of relief that he could cross off one task, his charges performed very well on the European stage. In the Conference League, including qualification, they have a unique balance, they won nine out of ten matches, losing points only in the opening goalless draw with Kosovo’s Drita.

In addition, they gained ten points in the club coefficient, which is two more than the second Bruges or the fourth PAOK Thessaloniki. And they still have two games left in the Conference League group, so they can only improve this record. Of course, also financially. “We certainly won’t give anything up, we want to score as many points as possible,” promised Thursday’s captain Lukáš Kalvach.

Kalvach led the Victorians to the spring phase of the European Cup

Just for fun, Thursday’s juice Dinamo Zagreb earned a little over five million euros, followed by the other participants of Group C Kazakhstan’s Astana (4.83 million euros) and Kosovo’s Ballkani (4.076 million euros). Even the earnings of S Prague in the more prestigious European League are comparable to that of Pilsen, Slavia has so far earned 8.73 million euros and Sparta 7.1 million euros.

And perhaps somewhat symbolically, Viktoria Plzeň football players confirmed their progress on Thursday evening with a home victory over Dinamo Zagreb (1:0), which they issued a stop sign in February 2019 in the spring elimination part of the Europa League. Since then, Pilsen footballers have been waiting to progress to the spring phase until now.

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