The Pilsner coat of arms can be seen in Europe. And that makes me happy, said Koubek

The Pilsner coat of arms can be seen in Europe. And that makes me happy, said Koubek
The Pilsner coat of arms can be seen in Europe. And that makes me happy, said Koubek

I’m not going to use chisels, you’d ruin my health. But such a swelling is impossible to ride, a pirouette on the left leg, on the right leg, the seventy-two-year-old woman smiled.

His team won all three matches and secured first place in Group C. The fallen qualified for the tie-breaker of the European Games for the first time in five years.

Are these the strongest moments since your return to Pilsen?
It is an emotional and special moment. And after the match, I learned that we set a record, that after those rounds, the team did not advance from the group of European games to the tie-breaker. That ns very t.

Did Viktoria confirm that she will be on the European stage?
Every team that gets into the groups of the playoffs is a European team. It is always the lowest peak of the world. And even in the Conference League, when you look at the other posts, you will find big signs. We are among them and we are glad to be anchored there. Even with regard to the last ronk, when here in Pilsen the League was champion.

You beat Zheb the same as at their pd 1:0. What decided?
It was a very tough match with quality competition. We had to fight, fight. In the second week, we ran out of words a little. The game was hectic and we all breathed a sigh of relief when it was over.

Praise the game for very good tactical performance?
Good performance must always be confirmed by tactical skill. Zheb jumped on us, we had a problem with covering the space, they had to react to the deployed Dinamo by changing ours. From then on we got along. Then we prevailed with a pressing game, aggressiveness, which resulted in soupee mistakes and set pieces. He scored from the penalty spot and we could win at least one of the other chances. I was very satisfied with this fz.

In the second half, however, Dinamo took the initiative, why?
We did not catch the same rhythm. Soupe got into the game again, we had to fight a lot, the rumors faded. You, Zheb, have both game and technical skills, you have to run at that moment. if we were in the block, we went to the break. I appreciate that we were able to defend it. They looked for a few moments, the goal was drunk in the wild, the team was happy for a while, then we again. VAR proved it as he proved, he was not there at the time. But I have to highlight the soupee pressure, it was of high quality. We took a break.

Was it difficult to hit the block and the defensive line?
It wasn’t death, but soupee skill. We wanted to be as active, press and be naked as we managed to do at Slavia. But Zheb managed to push us and we had to go to a parked bus, whatever you call it. But I wouldn’t see it as some brutal bus. It’s about being pushed into the block, we had to remove it. You see that kind of pass on the European stage against big teams and from big teams.

How to divide the win and progress towards the rest of the fall?
It’s due. I don’t want to know how we’re going to do it in the future, as we have a program. Undoubtedly, we will have to go all out. I don’t want to say what we will prioritize, but we will look for the current priority. Long in the Conference League, we play for financial resources, for the Czech coefficient. But for sure, once they have matured, they will get a place in the league and in the games for the players who patiently and disciplinedly wait for success.

Plzesk Cadu (left) escapes Dinamo Zheb’s Takuro Kanek.

Will you be ready for Sunday’s duel against Slovakia?
Very tk. I don’t like the cycle of Thursdays on Sundays, there are mistakes on that day. I shoed the boys, but immediately drove them into regeneration. Self-loaning is better when we stay at home, we don’t have to rush from the hotel to the plane and come back at night. At home, we get into trouble.

As with Slavia, captain Luk Hejda was missing from the starting line-up. Is it sloit for him?
You’re not looking for sensationalism in this, it starts in the course of the game. We always invite a line-up according to the type of soupee, according to his speed and strength games. Luk has great tactical skills, slow down the game. And for some matches, when the main speed game is on the other side, we choose the more speedy ones.

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