First for you. Bedard called Tampa and announced in the cabin: Mma will be on!

First for you. Bedard called Tampa and announced in the cabin: Mma will be on!
First for you. Bedard called Tampa and announced in the cabin: Mma will be on!

He has had to deal with attention since childhood, but in the last month it has intensified. He is constantly under scrutiny, fans and experts closely monitor his every day.

They lay their nails on him and leave a large, deadly claw. It’s as if they forgot that the number one in the summer draft is still only eighteen years old.

He is new to the league, having played only a dozen games so far. But I’m starting to orientate myself, using all my strengths, Luke Richardson praised himself.

Against Lightning, the gifted tonk was on full display. Speed, dexterity, the brilliance of the stela, the song and the swagger of the pihrvka. And for such a young age, he has an amazing outlook on life.

In total, he scored two goals and two assists. He scored for the first time at 4:42, after Philipp Kurashev’s throw, he quickly found his way in front of Jonas Johansson and swept the puck into the center.

Connor Bedard celebrated with his teammates against Tamp.

Just before the goal, the icon lifted Victor Hedman’s hockey stick. He pressed him at the right moment, he did a great job. He had planned the whole event, declared a satisfied Richardson.

Seven seconds before the end of the first period, the native of Vancouver hid after what appeared to be a backhand call, two minutes before he prepared a two-on-one goal for Tyler Johnson.

spn introduced the mole shortly after the start of the middle act with a nice offer on the tee for veteran Corey Perry. At that moment, a 2:5 scree was shining on the cube above the ice, Steven Stamkos was only dreaming in the wild.

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Bedard burst into tears after the rescue. He became the youngest player in NHL history (18 years and 115 days) to score those points in one game. In this statistic, he joined Ted Kennedy (18 years and 27 days) and Bep Guidolin (18 years and 58 days).

I’m all over it, it’s a good feeling. In some previous matches I could have won more points, but I didn’t have a day. Sometimes it goes like that, he told the newspaper.

In total, u entered the statistics eleven times (7+4). He has missed in five of the last six duels, leading the dark productivity chart. And by the way, his star namesake, McDavid, picked up a point.

After taking to the ice, Tampa also highlighted the rest of the team: It takes a long time for us to realize how strong they are and what they have accomplished in previous seasons. That’s how valuable the result is for us. Melanie Bedardov was no exception.

When his son received his congratulations in the cabin and received a travel etz from Taylor Hall for the oldest star of salvation, he said with a laugh: Great win, guys. We will be on!

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On the contrary, the home side were very frustrated after the save, they could not bear the problem with one of the weakest teams in the world.

We returned it due to simple and unnecessary mistakes. We lost the puck, we weren’t consistent enough in the end. We have to stick together or we won’t win, said coach Jon Cooper.

You’re on your own. And Bedard? Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great hockey player, but we gave it to him, defenseman Mikhail Sergayov was angry.

Both darks compete again for five birds. It can be assumed that this time Lightining will become much more for the mature youngster.

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