A huge meta. And a memory for the rest of my life

A huge meta. And a memory for the rest of my life
A huge meta. And a memory for the rest of my life

9/11/2023, Editorial Board

Author of the winning goal against AS Rome? Václav Jurečka. After the match for SlaviaTV , he described the scalp of the Italian big club as an unforgettable experience and praised the entire team led by Aleš Mandous.

You beat AS Roma, you scored the winning goal. How are you feeling shortly after the match?
“I’m happy to have helped the team, hit the European stage. I opened a shooting account. I’m pleased with how well the boys and I managed it. You don’t beat AS Roma every day. We’re very happy for that, but we’re moving on.”

Where do you rank this hit in your career so far?
“It’s a huge goal for me. I appreciate it, I already had some chances in Geneva, in other matches too. I guess it came at the right time. It will definitely be a memory for me for the rest of my life.”

How did the goal situation go from your perspective?
“It was a goal from the luckier category. But history probably won’t ask about that (laughs). Mojma somehow finished from an angle, I tried to reach it. It bounced over the goal line. The goal calmed us down, Lukáš Masopust then secured it with a beautiful shot. I haven’t seen that from him yet, maybe only in training (laughs). The 2-0 result is great, we were rewarded for our good work.”

Aleš Mandous kept the lead shortly after you scored, an important save, don’t you agree?
“After scoring a goal, the next five minutes are crucial. Mandy supported us, we have to thank him again. The victory is the merit of the whole team, we showed an aggressive, fighting performance. That rewarded us.”

How did you experience the atmosphere of the match and the final thanksgiving?
“A beautiful moment. These are the memories that belong to football, that shape it. I will never forget this evening.’

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