Ok babe! Prochzka wound up with a reserve, Pereira went by a little bit

Ok babe! Prochzka wound up with a reserve, Pereira went by a little bit
Ok babe! Prochzka wound up with a reserve, Pereira went by a little bit

He stepped out from behind the curtain, while commentator Jon Anik introduced him as one of the main characters around which the entire card is built.

His fist hit his chest twice, which is a gesture he used in his first fight in the UFC against Volkan Zdemir, when he pounded his chest during the fight itself.

Then he raised his right hand with a fist in the air, which was accompanied by a squeal of excitement. This time Ovem was speechless.

He climbed onto the scale in only his trunks, and after a while, under the supervision of the controller, the room rang out: 204.2. In pounds. In kilograms, it is 92.6 pounds.

He raised Prochzka by his hand, first raised his index fingers, then opened his palm and finally clenched it into a fist again and patted his chest with his other hand.

Done, complete. a day of complications with a limit that had to be met only at 205 pounds (when it comes to a non-title duel, the survivors can lift 206 pounds, less than half a kilogram in total).

Now Prochzka is getting drunk and I’m getting back to my usual weight of around 98 and 99 kilograms.

400 gram reserve. Ji Prochzka weighed 92.6 kilograms on Friday and will fight for the UFC welterweight title with Alex Pereira on Saturday. He wound up riding by one hundred grams mn.

His replacement, Pereira, will most likely go there. During the preparation he revealed that he weighs around 105 kilograms.

Even he didn’t hesitate on the stage to hear a few encouraging shouts, he showed his biceps decorated with a tattoo of Amponian dogs, including the one from the UFC, and dressed behind the scenes in tight shorts.

In it, as in the others, it started production in the first row. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Ok, babe, the girl led the walk in a strong voice.

Anyone who didn’t listen, didn’t show their muscles to the camera, was immediately scolded! Hey, cheat here. Left b, not there! She had it under her thumb.

See how Alex Pereira reeled:

November 10, 2023 at 4:14 p.m. pspvek archived: November 10, 2023 at 3:25 p.m.

The fighters had a two-hour window (between nine and eleven local time), during which they had to drink. Anyone who might not succeed would receive an automatic penalty.

Hnk hands over his salary to his rival. In the case of a fixed invitation, the exchange has the option not to accept the duel. It also happens that because of exhaustion, the girl does not allow the survivor to continue in the shooting room.

If you don’t know, commit a not inconsiderable mistake. Not only is it a matter of honor, until the agreed limit is met. With extra kilos that don’t match, you can get into little fits.

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