As if the Swedes initially did not notice that Jalonen was no longer standing there


In the 16th minute it was 0:4 from the Swedish point of view, the debutant Lindbom shamefully ran away from the goal and many did not understand how perfectly the Czechs play.

“The Swedes were not up to the Czech style and preparation system in the opening third. It changed from the second period, but in that first period we caught the Swedes unprepared and irresponsible to what the Czechs were going to show. It’s as if the Swedish coach Hallam didn’t notice that Jalonen is no longer there,” says editor-in-chief Martin Kézr in the podcast.

However, compared to the past, there was a visible change in aggressiveness, attacking.

“The system we want to play really resembled the silver twenty, that is Rulík’s philosophy with a lot of driving and attacking. But it is a question whether we can withstand the demanding style even on the weekend, when we play two matches in 18 hours,” warns Kézr. And Sára also added that in addition to the excellent Czech introduction, it is also necessary to perceive the naive performance of the Swedes, who bought error after error. “I haven’t seen that on the international stage for a long time,” he says.

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Both agree on several names that pleasantly surprised them, whether it is goalkeeper Málek, defender Mašín or the attacking trio Kousal, Tomášek, Lenc. “For me, it’s a bit of a surprise how David Tomášek caught on in Färjestad, but when I saw the performance on Thursday, I already understand,” said Kézr.

And even on the Czech substitute itself, it was positive how active Tomáš Plekanec was. He often passed on his observations to Radi Rulík, who acknowledged his remarks.

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