Talent like thunder. Klubalov will go to the floorball world championship at the age of 16

Talent like thunder. Klubalov will go to the floorball world championship at the age of 16
Talent like thunder. Klubalov will go to the floorball world championship at the age of 16

I was very surprised by the nomination, but mainly I am glad that I had the opportunity to gather a lot of new useful experience. It was a huge avalanche of pain for me. And of course I will try to give the best that is in me, said Hrka to the club website. He is the youngest in the twenty-year nomination of head coach Luke Prochzky.

The invitation to the world championship was ensured by Klubal’s famous entry into the premiers of the season in the highest competition. In the first seven matches, she scored 18 Canadian points, which puts her at the top of the statistics. All the talented tonics stand out even more because the Crazy Girls FBC Liberec can’t beat them at the moment and take nine places out of eleven.

Liberec schoolgirl is one of the best talents of Czech floorball. She drew attention to herself at the last junior women’s world championship, where, as a member of the team, she was one of the strong characters of the team that eventually won the sensational title. She also confirmed her quality with a smooth march to the highest women’s tournament. She had the performance for her pet before a year ago, but she couldn’t go outside because of her young age.

We need a universal game with such a setting as Karolna has. I think that it will add the last missing element of audacity and maybe a little looseness, commented the representative of Proczka on the choice of a game that only celebrates its seventeenth birthday in a month.

We have been involved with the English national team practically since his successful 19-year-old world championship. We wanted a dt as bag. However, after we saw her performance in Turku, Finland, we decided to nominate her. In addition, she entered her first extra league season brilliantly.

How long will Liberec keep its young gem?

In Liberec, they are enjoying their floorball gem. Kja is extremely hot at such a young age. It works great with flour until you develop a ance and a head of knitting. Her exceptionality is also the fact that she is only a junior in her first year and is playing for women, and she will also go to the world championships, to the coach of FBC Liberec Radek Vale. It is a good business card for the club that we were able to raise such a player, but it is of course his main servant, because he is diligent and talented.

Hitting the young long-term representative under Jetde will probably be enough tk. We did it last year, when there was a lot of talk about Kyu. Let’s hope that the EU will stay as long as possible, even if we realize that the EU has probably outgrown it, added the Liberec coach.

The Czech floorball women’s team will enter the World Championship in Singapore on Sunday, December 3, when they will play against Poland. At the same time, in the basic groups, there is also the country and the group of the law match with Slovakia. Consequently, on Friday, December 8, the quarterfinals and then the battle for the medal should await them.

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