When we walk around a full Eden after a match? That’s just the most

When we walk around a full Eden after a match? That’s just the most
When we walk around a full Eden after a match? That’s just the most

10/11/2023, Editorial Board

Lukáš Masopust sealed the victory in the 4th round of Group G UEL over Roman AS with the second goal. After the match, he went to the press, where he spoke about his goal, the development of the match and the sensational backdrop.

How are you enjoying such a big win?
“It’s a beautiful feeling, but it made me quite hungry (laughs). We’re enjoying it a lot, the second leg with Roma went well for us and I think we played a really great first half. We did what we wanted. We knew that coming into the second half, there would be a change that came from the opponent’s side. One of Roma’s full-backs was getting more involved in the second half, which was annoying. Holi and Iggy on their attackers, but they played fantastically and we didn’t let them into anything.”

What do you do to satisfy your hunger?
“I’ll definitely have something sweet to drink because I feel like I’m missing the sugars. We’ll see what’s in the cabin, there’s usually schnitzel, risotto.”

You had several chances before the first goal. Was the converted chance a relief?
“Certainly, the boys finished the goal situation brilliantly, Mojmír found Venca in a great way. A scored goal always relieves the team, but at the same time it can kick them up.”

Where would you place the second goal you scored?
“I really don’t know, I’ll have to watch her on video. All I know is that I shot and it ended up in the goal. But I’ll have to let the situation go, because I don’t know what it looked like from a distance.’

And where would it rank in terms of importance?
“That’s probably something to think about. I don’t score as many goals, but I can’t say that from the spot.”

How tough was the match physically?
“I don’t know about the other guys, but enough for me. I haven’t played properly for a fortnight, and the pitch gets soft towards the end of the year, which makes it more difficult to fight on it. Today it was perhaps noticeable that one of us slipped at times. The terrains are more demanding and the body gets more work, moreover, there have been enough matches. I think we’re starting the last month of competitive matches.’

The forwarded goal was to rehabilitate for the loss against Pilsen. What happened in the cabin before the match with AS Rome?
“Right after Sunday’s loss we talked, the same thing the next day. But then we started to focus purely on Rome. We didn’t have Sunday in our heads at all.”

With the win, you secured participation in the spring part of the European Cups two rounds before the end of the group.
“Making our way to spring was our main goal. Now we aim to get there in the best possible position. The question is what position will be the most advantageous for us.”

You remember the big matches in the Champions League or the Europa League. Where would you place the duel with AS Rome?
“Really big matches were played in the elimination part and meant, for example, promotion. This is a group, but I have to admit that the older I get and the more matches I have under my belt, the more I can enjoy such duels.”

Can such a valuable scalp boost your confidence for future rounds?
“Definitely. Not only that it was a match against AS Roma, but also the way we presented ourselves. In the first half, we were really happy with the performance, when we came to the cabin, we thought that it must look really nice to the eye.”

There was a great fan atmosphere, even heated in places. Did it resonate with you on the field?
“I did not perceive that the atmosphere was somehow hostile towards the opponent. Within ninety minutes, I’ll switch that I’m not even able to perceive the fans 100%. But I enjoy it during downtime or after a game. It’s a wonderful sight at the thanksgiving that Eden will remain full and as we walk around the stadium there are still plenty of people in the stands. That’s the most.”

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