Where did it come from in me? Kubk hid his debut, he sought inspiration from Plekanec


He joined Plekanec in one Kladno formation, together they belonged to the main movers of Ryt. You meet in the national team, where the center psob used to be an assistant coach.

He had to be happy for his birthday, Kubk provided the best event of the fourth evening. In that letter, he got to the free puck, threw it to the backhand and made an uncompromising shot under the top.

Take a look at Adam Kubek’s first goal in the national team.

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I knew that the goal would take a lot of effort, so I tried it. I didn’t let such a guy go. I don’t even know where it came from in me, he said after saving the newspaper.

Petr Kodtek had a big contribution to his hit, who forced the point guard Petter Granberg to make mistakes with an unforced attack and fought for his goal.

It was also his gl. We were after them all the way, we collected a lot of pucks. We know what to expect from each other and how we want to play, announced the satisfied tone of Budjovic.

The native team rose to fame very early. In five minutes, he led 2:0 thanks to Radan Lence and David Tomek, before the end of the first period, Jakub Flek and Luk Sedlk made their mark.

The ice hockey player celebrated Adam Kubek’s premiership goal in the national team.

It was nice that we were able to score quick goals and we dictated the tempo the whole time. Of course, there were weak passes, but I think we played well the whole time. Therefore answer, said Kubk.

Radim Rulek’s active system of play suited him: We play a similar game in Budjovice, so we want to attack a lot and not stop. So I try to move under my feet to be as valid as possible.

His song came at the right moment. thanks to Tim Heed, the widows fell to 1:4 and started to breathe a little, but the hit of the twenty-five-year-old Tonka knocked them back to the ground.

I’m glad I could help. After the first session, we thought that we couldn’t fall asleep on the couches, we wanted to finish the game and get as little time as possible, explained Kubk.

When evaluating, he did not forget to highlight the performance of debutant Jakub Mlek, who performed twenty-six steps: If it weren’t for him, it could have been tied. He really screwed us over.

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