From university, a young Brit wants you on the Tour. He is like a gazelle, to his tail


It is a great opportunity for many high-level tennis players, because we spent three years on the Tour due to our studies.

Thanks to me, Samuel got six free tickets to the main challenger matches. The very first time he used this week in Calgary, where he recorded the first time on this level.

I have a feeling that I can compete with a team that plays such tournaments. We just didn’t have enough time to get the points to get to them, said the star of the University of Jin Karolin at the Canadian event for the ATP.

In high school, apart from singles, he lived in singles. While in the individual season, under the leadership of coach Josh Goffi, the record was 24:5, with compatriot Connor Thomson in doubles, they became the first champions of their university at the prestigious All-American tournament.

University of Jin Karoln team members Toby Samuel (left) and Connor Thomson.

She is like a gazelle on the court. He moves on it the same as when he was playing on the Tour, said Goffi, his saint. He has a very strong backhand and his forehand is extremely hard to swing until he spins it hard. I know how to cheat well.

He took a semester off from university to experience life on the Tour. But then he plans to move on to the high school and get a degree in sports management. At the end of my university studies, I have to fulfill one big goal.

I would rather legalize my university career with my degree, I always wanted to win it, he revealed. Everything that the wheels gave me, I would like to shake it at least a little. Then I will try to break into the Tour as much as possible, it would be a chance to see my name in big tournaments.

Even if, if he were to focus on a professional career, he could collect two points in the evaluation, he doesn’t regret the trip to the university.

Those were the best years of my life, Samuel admitted with a smile. Just being able to play and train with a group of the same old guys that I get along with and under a great coach like Josh was a valuable experience.

And so he hopes that the four years spent in Jin Karoln will help him with his further performance in adult tennis. I slept on and off the court. I’m ready for you.

He should be inspired by the same old American Ben Shelton, who finished his first year on the Tour with a US Open quarterfinal and an ATP 500 tournament title.

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