Fantastic Event! Slavia again showed their great performance

Fantastic Event! Slavia again showed their great performance
Fantastic Event! Slavia again showed their great performance

Suddenly I didn’t see eleven individuals, but a team. Plain and simple, I’m excited. The question just creeps into my mind: Why are the performances of the Slavists like night and day?

I can’t help but this just has to be in my head. AS Rome arrives and suddenly the team’s performance is completely different from the match with Pilsen. All of a sudden they were riding on their ass. No one was afraid to play. Mojmír Chytil ran for 90 minutes like Emil Zátopek. Christos Zafeiris played simply this time. Tomáš Holeš was synonymous with precision, but I would highlight the performance of another player the most. This time it was Lukáš Provod.

I would not hesitate to call Provoda’s performance as absolutely key. If I had to rate his performance, I wouldn’t hesitate to give it a ten. He was probably everywhere and it’s just a shame that his performance wasn’t embellished with a goal. He probably didn’t play like this even before his injury. What a difference it was to some league games where they often seem completely disinterested. This time he played with great passion and led the team to a big victory. If he played like this regularly, it would be a question whether he would transfer to Real Madrid or to Barcelona.

Last but not least, Jindřich Trpišovský deserves huge praise, who accurately estimated what the opponent would pay and, above all, managed to get the Sunday blanket from the players. Again, he confirmed that he simply knows how to play against big teams.

Probably the biggest praise for the players of Slavia is the fact that the visiting “fighters” resorted to delaying and simulating more than playing football. Especially the goalkeeper really excelled in this with the silent approval of the incompetent referee.

Just a moment after the match, there are rumors that the players of Roma AS have given up on it. I haven’t heard more nonsense in a long time. Sure, you could see that their performance wasn’t ideal. But I would rather compare it to the performance of the sewn ones against Pilsen. It seemed to me that at times the guests thought that they would win the match by themselves. After the received goal, they started to play much more offensively, but they could no longer get into the match and, on the contrary, the home team threatened significantly from breaks.

Creepy Referee Letexier

What I can’t avoid is the referee’s performance. The English term “What the fu*k?” perfectly fits what he demonstrated. In the light of this performance, even Michal Paták would deserve the Crystal Whistle for his performance in Admira’s match against Budějovic. I really have no idea what led him to spin the cars he had in the palm of his hand from half the field. A moron? Money? Didn’t he hide his lobotomy? I don’t know, not really. Borec throws the car a meter from the field. No problem. Apparently according to the letter of the rules. In the first minute, the guests kept delaying. However, it was only set for a minute. After a much smoother second half, when I saw the seven in the hand of the fourth judge, many words that Záviš uses in the song Cukrářská flew out of my mouth. The icing on the cake was cramming the wrong number during substitution and being forced to substitute the wrong player. I really haven’t seen this before.

The world suddenly looks so beautiful and the European road is wonderfully open. In case of wins over Swiss and Moldovan opponents, first place in the group is likely. That would be a tremendous achievement. Now mainly to repeat these performances and especially this approach.

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