He will compete for the title with Slovak talent Mikula – eXtra.cz

He will compete for the title with Slovak talent Mikula – eXtra.cz
He will compete for the title with Slovak talent Mikula – eXtra.cz

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Two large domestic combat teams, the IAF and the RFA, joined forces and will organize a joint gala evening in Prague this Saturday. The best wrestlers from both organizations will face each other under one roof, and one of the biggest attractions for the promoters is definitely the controversial return of Tadeáš “Mawar” Růžička. After recent incidents and run-ins with the law, he will face Slovakian talent Jacob Mikul and a title fight will break out in the cage. Three title matches will then take place in one evening.

Combat sports fans are in for a very interesting spectacle this weekend. Two domestic fighting organizations, the RFA (Real Fight Arena) headed by Chief Boris Marhanský and the IAF organization (I am Fighter) with boss Petr Pín Ondruš, joined forces and on Saturday 11.11. will organize a gala evening under one roof. In Prague’s UNYP arena, the best wrestlers from both organizations will face each other and three title battles will take place in the cage. But the fight card immediately attracts several interesting names.

The controversial return of Tadeáš Růžička

One of the biggest attractions is the clearly controversial return of Tadeáš “Mawar” Růžička, whose name has been mentioned a lot in recent months in connection with incidents that caused not only many friends but also promoters of organizations to turn away from the top fighter. After all, Růžička himself spoke about this in the medallion for the upcoming match with Mikula.

It was with the Slovak talent Jacob Mikula at the gala evening RFA x IAF will fight for the champion’s belt under 70 kilograms according to the stance rules of Real Fight. The anticipated title match is here. Hard work and a fantastic performance against Matyáš Nusk gave Jacob Mikul the chance of a lifetime in the title match of the prestigious RFA x IAF gala. On the contrary, the beloved and hated Tadeáš Mawar Růžička will present himself in the cage after a longer break. An unequivocal victory and the belt of the champion under 70 kg are expected from the match.” the promoters of both organizations are appealing on social networks.

Will the unstoppable Mawar, who as always promises that the shells will fall, or the rising star from the legendary Bratislava OFA gym win? The Czech-Slovak derby will undoubtedly offer spectators a very attractive spectacle. However, a negative reaction from the fans towards Růžiček, who fell out of favor after it turned out that he knocked an unknown man unconscious on the street and then mocked him, is also expected.

Three title matches in one night

However, three title fights will take place at the gala evening. In addition to Růžička and Mikula, Hošek and Červinský will also fight for the belt of the champion, and the main highlight of the evening will be the match between Petr “Monster” Knížet and Krt Steven.

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