The cabin works, but Ostrava cannot be hit. Treni lut, what’s wrong with the darkness

The cabin works, but Ostrava cannot be hit. Treni lut, what’s wrong with the darkness
The cabin works, but Ostrava cannot be hit. Treni lut, what’s wrong with the darkness

We have to grit our teeth and push on… Don’t take anything else away from us, declared Ostrava coach Adam Choleva. We have to try to eliminate the mistakes we make, and the wins will come.

Choleva is convinced that there is no pain. Just a blanket on us at the moment. We’re not playing too bad. Let’s talk about defense. So what’s the problem?

In flux. We suffer a lot there, Choleva is clear. And he pointed out that although he is very young, he also lacks experience. The average age is 23 years, the oldest Dominik Heinzl and Jarrid Rhodes are twenty-eight. We can’t play with ease, graduate free kicks from outside, we should be kickers according to the composition of the team. That’s our saving grace. Vtina.

Ostravt missed those duels and lost a lot of points. We could have won in Cologne (65:67), in Psk (80:83) and at home with Brno (79:83). But even in the first round with Opava (96:102 after overtime), coach Choleva remembered. And for salvations with the hundred and the Day, they were all open and to the end. It’s not that we’re slow, but we’re missing a bit, some length. Who, we have to solve it and hopefully we will be better.

Kou admits that close losses are bad for the psyche of the mountains, not the obvious ones. And what’s worse is that this year we don’t play twice a week, so every time the pork ties us up for a long time, we can’t concentrate on the long soupee, on the next performance. Slow down the throttle.

Recognize that they at least have more time to prepare. But with us, it’s all about suffering from the outside and the fact that we make stupid mistakes. And get rid of that, we will win, I hope Choleva.

He added that after Opav scored 12 three-pointers, they didn’t sweat so much… Ostravt has a 25.3 percent shooting percentage, the lowest of all 12 teams. The best place is above the Elbe with 38.1 percent.

Last season, Majerk had a three-point shooting rate of one thousand five percent, Choleva recalled. Now I’m not quite 27. It’s the same with my other insoles. The fov club reacted to the failed entry into the season by hiring the American footballer Jarrid Rhodes, who only played the last few matches.

Could they get reinforcements? We have five foreigners, pointed out Ostrava manager Tom Ostarek.

Pitom Ostravat wanted to focus more on their own wards and the game from the surrounding area. Yes, Ostarek confirmed. Only the situation forced us to take another foreign game.

He added that even if you fall, don’t panic, that there is a trainer by the door. I know we’ll catch up, he pointed out.

Ostrava coach Adam Choleva (left) and his assistant Nihat Grbz in Koln

Ostarek and Choleva also rely on the return of midfielder Michal Svoboda, who is currently playing individually after suffering a broken leg.

On top of that, Weaver has been injured since the first game and plays with confidence, Adam Choleva said. It’s not ideal, but home boys have to take our situation outside and be comfortable with it. And people from abroad have to push the team harder. Until the end of November, the Ostrava basketball player will play matches with the best teams of the past seasons. On Saturday from 17.00 in Opav, a week later from 17.30 guest Dn and on November 28 from 17.00 in Nymburk…

In Opav, we have to give our best performance, said Choleva, in addition to Michal Svoboda, Marodi Weaver and Tml will also be missing. We managed to play the dream in a balanced way at home, so let’s try it outside as well. Let’s not hang our heads. I’m kidding, I hope that’s how they lead me as well. Hopefully we’ll break it soon, but everything has to come together.

The coach does not see a problem in the fact that Ostrava is now facing strong opponents.

Then we’ll have a very drinkable soup, but we can’t worry about who we’re playing with, he said. We must forgive ourselves, our mistakes. There is chemistry in the team, relations are good, there are no problems in the cabins. It’s just not a hit.

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